Saturday, April 4, 2020

Mr President, give me what is mine!

I am absolutely livid. I have never in my life been so angry. Just why is the government not releasing our money? Now I know why people in other countries don’t trust their governments.

Governments make people poor. If there were no governments we would all be rich. We would all be able to have so much money we wouldn’t know what to do with it. Okay because the government builds roads and schools they are entitled to my tax. But I have a problem where the government wants to deny people access to their money. The last time I heard, the courts had instructed that the twenty one million bucks should be released. The moment the judge made his verdict the money should have been moving between where it was previously kept to my brother’s bank. As far as I am concerned, television should have shown trucks moving the money to the brother’s bank vault. I do not want to entangle myself in matters of why there has been a delay. My main gripe is that the money should be in my brother’s bank vault, relaxed and breathing and, of course, getting regular visits from its owner. Just imagine all the people out there whose lives could have been transformed by the money. There are the relatives. There are the former girlfriends. There are children who now claim that my brother is their father. I am sure the uncles are fuming. I won’t be surprised if they mount a delegation to go and see the president about the matter. I will be with them all the way. In fact, they can stay at my house whilst waiting to see the president. I doubt if the president is impressed with the delay. The way I see it, as soon as the uncles have met him he will call a few people and ask why the money has not been released. You just wait and see. After his inquiries the money will be released. I intend to be part of the delegation. I don’t want weighty decisions concerning my brother’s money being taken in my absence.

Obviously, there will be documents to sign. Because the uncles can’t read nor write it makes it an imperative for me to be in attendance. The meeting with the president will also enable me to put in a request I have been thinking about. But it has now become very urgent in light of the delay in releasing my brother’s money. It really is a simple matter. The president will have no reason to refuse.

As a listening man, I expect him to understand my reasoning. The only problem is that if he accedes to my request, then there will be lots of people going to see him with a similar plea. And that is the problem. People in this country just wait for you to do something and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I suppose, as a result, I will ask the president to keep my request a secret. I know that the moment the public gets to know then they will accuse him of favouritism. Of course, it won’t be favouritism. It will simply be the president doing his work. And his work is to make the people of this country happy. Now, if he accedes to my request I will be a happy man. On the other hand, the president would have done his job. Because I will be with the uncles, my discussion with the president will have to be conducted in English. I don’t trust them. If they get to understand our discussions, in no time the entire country will know the content of our discussion. Better still I will ask the uncles to wait outside whilst I discuss my request with the president. As a reasonable man, I am sure he will listen. You see, this country is said to have lots of money. The money is sitting in foreign bank vaults, relaxed and breathing with no one to visit it. That is bad. Money likes to be visited by its owners. In the course of spending it, money must be pampered and shown love. There is no better way of showing one’s love for their money than visiting it. But our money, known as foreign reserves, is sitting out there very lonely and sad. That is why I need a chat with the president. You see, we are told that foreign reserves are for every citizen of the country.

I think it is a great idea that we as citizens own that money. But for me that is not enough. At the last count, the money sitting in the foreign reserves amounted to a couple of billions. That is lovely. It shows our country is rich. It shows that the citizens of this country, who own that money, are rich. Well, in theory at least. I want that money to make a difference to my life. And it really is simple. With the authorities failing to release my brother’s money I now want the government to release my money. I want the president to instruct people who are in charge of our foreign reserves to give me my share. Yep, that will be my request to the president. If the foreign reserves are owned by citizens, I think I am quite capable of looking after my share. I don’t need the government to look after my money for me. I want my money sitting in its own bank vault, relaxed and breathing. I don’t want my money in the company of other people’s money. I am looking forward to my meeting with the president.

As soon as the uncles have convinced the president to release my brother’s money, then they will have to shuffle out of the office to enable me to make my request. As I said it is a very simple request. The country has lots of money in foreign reserves. The money is lonely because no one ever visits it. The money is supposed to belong to us the citizens. All I want is my share. I want my share to sit in my own vault where I can visit it and spend it as I choose. Is that too much to ask?