Friday, February 23, 2024

Mrs. Botswana Preliminary Fashion Show 2020

Mrs. Botswana held their 2020 Preliminary Fashion Show at Travelodge this past weekend.

The Mrs. Botswana aims to promote happy, healthy marriages and families.

It is an established organization specializing in family management and recreation. “We offer the following for families of Botswana: – Marriage & Family seminars to couples – Family-women & or men seminars – Working mom/dad seminars and recreation – Singles seminars, workshops and outings – School vacation for kids – Family reunions, vacations and fun days – Tea parties – Advice, plan and facilitate surprises for partners (engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and love back),” the organization says.

They also facilitate guidance and counseling for families in need. They host an annual beauty pageant after which the Queen is sent to compete with others from across the world.


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