Saturday, August 13, 2022

Murder accused remanded in custody pending investigations

A twenty-seven-year-old man, Oaitse Bohule, was last Thursday arraigned before Village Chief Magistrate Oahile Mokibe on charges of murder and unlawful wounding.

Bohule is accused of stabbing Segolame Mokoto, also 27, to death with a sharp object believed to be a knife on her neck on Monday last week.

He is also charged with unlawfully stabbing a 25-year-old man who sustained serious injuries and is currently hospitalized at Princes Marina Hospital.

The state Prosecutor, Inspector Modironyana Lekone, from SSKB Police Station, has asked the magistrate to remand Bohule in custody, pending investigations and to have him appear again on October 24th.

Lekone told the court that the matter is still fresh and that police investigations are still ongoing.

Early before the arraignment before court, SSKA Police station Commander, Superintended Banneetse Keakile, had told the court that the two were alleged to be involved in a business and had some differences on how to get shares of the proceeds involved from the proceeds of the drugs they were selling.

He said the accused person owns a car wash and is alleged to be engaged in the selling and illegal trading of marijuana at the same car wash, which is on the bush near his residence in Block 8 and has attracted even some students from nearby schools.

Keakile said the two started fighting for the proceeds of the drugs they were selling.
They argued to the extent that Bohule allegedly took a sharp object, believed to be a knife, and stabbed his partner inflicting serious injuries resulting in the victim being taken to the hospital.

“It is unfortunate that, while someone tries to intervene and assist, he then receives a bad welcome. The victim is currently under critical condition at Princes Marina Hospital,” said Keakile.

A neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, said the victim had tried to separate the two to reach reconciliation and resolve the matter amicably but Bahule would not even listen as he continued to stab him in the ribs several times with the sharp object.


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