Sunday, May 29, 2022

Music competition rolls on despite possible litigation

The Hub Music series continued this past weekend at Bull N Bush as another final berth was to be decided but was done under a dark cloud, as rapper M.o.i claims to have been cheated in last week’s round against Lil Mis Andy.

The rapper, who was disqualified in last week’s round, for raising his middle finger and saying “F#$% you haters”, says he plans on taking legal action against the Hub Music group.

The rapper claims that he was made to believe that he raised his middle finger but was astonished to see that the pictures did not reveal his middle finger but, rather, his index finger raised.

However, online Administrator of Hub, Eddy Mihigo, claims he is not worried about any legal action taken against them. According to Mihigo, M.o.i issued an apology earlier last week but that was not enough to reverse the decision taken because the rules and regulations were made clear at the beginning of the competition.

“We made it very clear that any bad language or obscene gestures were not allowed,” he said.

In response to why he issued an apology if he was innocent M.o.i told The Telegraph that organizers came to him after his performance claiming they had undisputed evidence that showed he had broken rules and regulations.

Obakeng Moatlhosdi, who has been a devoted fan of the music series, says she saw the rapper put up his middle finger and feels the organizers made the right decision.

“I think it was a fair decision because emphasis was placed on swearing from the first show I attended,” she said.

The rapper says he plans to take Hub to court and has already shared his views on radio and caused a stir.

The onstage festivities this weekend were as exciting and thrilling as ever with DJs constantly lending their trade on the turntables and Big Duke keeping the crowd lively; the atmosphere was electric. The showcase for the day was Dramaboi versus Willz and many who said it was too close to call were proven right. After performing two songs each, which included a collaboration between the two artists, the crowd finally got to deciding the winner of the semi-final round.

The crowd was clearly undecided as it took five attempts to decide which cheer was loudest.

Shouts of “battle” were echoing throughout the lively crowd who felt the contest should be decided the old school way.

Initially, it seemed like Dramaboi had done enough to secure the crowd’s applause, which would have taken him to the final but Willz’s fans had other ideas.

The rapper, with a distinct Mohawk hair style, will join Lil Miss Andy and Bone C amongst the finalists for the Hub Music series.

The crowd was also entertained by performances by Apollo Diablo, Sam Kash, Tishman, and Cybil Nyte, amongst others.


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