Monday, July 22, 2024

My African Dream teen semi-finalists down to six

Batswana are being asked to vote for the best amongst the six selected talents picked during the recent My African Dream (MAD) Teen Semi-finals.

MAD talent search, which has been in existence for well over 15 years, is a countrywide initiative that seeks to bring out talents that different categories of all ages possess. The show, which was held this past Friday, was as usual dominated with contestants fighting it out under the dance category. It seems, however, that this year the judges grew a little tired of predictable dance groups where there will be a group of 4 or 5 boys dancing to choreographed kwaito or house music.

The top 6 included of a small boy, Kago Goveya, with a voice that took the audience by surprise; he was also the opening performer of the night with a popular ballad, “You raised me up”.

Although he started off shaky, he managed to catch up in time to impress the audience.
Kago is one of the only two singers enlisted in this year’s semi- finals. Another singer who made it to the top six was Wada Mapine who performed an interesting live stage performance.

Mapine bought along with her a guitarist to help her perform her songs without any back-up whatsoever. She started off her performance by singing American singer Kesha Cole’s, “Sent from her heaven” and ended up blending it with the late Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”.

The third act to make it to the top six was X-flex, a group of boys who represented a place known to the teens as, ”Posh Maboneng”.

I will be the first to admit that I have no idea where that place is or if it even exists, but then again I am not a teenager.

The group received more attention from the girls as they danced to current pop culture songs.
Another dance group was Jika Jive, a group of boys who danced to songs that are particularly likened to ladies and even finished off their performance by dancing with leggings.
However, their strengths arose from being able to mix different genres of music and dancing along to it.

Another dancer who took the audience by surprise, especially the girls, was Oatile Ramsay who was performing impressive acrobatic moves. He came out dressed like a modern day Michael Jackson with the hat and the gloves as well as the moves.

The last group, a Kgafela, was a traditional dance group with about 6 or more dancers. The audience loved them, especially the three little members of the group who were dancing so well.
Dressed in traditional garb, the group represented the Bakgatla well with their well co-ordinated dance moves.

The presenters, Olebogeng Magogoba and Prince Macheng, also did a good job keeping the audience excited.


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