Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mystery man in Bissau’s bar brawl breaks silence

The ‘mysterious’ man at the centre of the scandal involving Bissau Gaobakwe and South Africa’s TV star Rosie Motene, has finally broken his silence on the much publicised incident that took place at Absolut Vodka (Lansmore Hotel). In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Standard David Baaitse, a journalist at Weekend Post newspaper speaks about being the target of the infamous blow that landed on the former Generations actress’ face. He also rubbishes published reports about what went down on that fateful early Saturday morning, calling them lies. “None of them told the truth,” Baaitse said. Narrating the events that took place on Friday night prior to the assault, Baaitse says he and his partner, poet Berry Heart, had, throughout the week, played hosts to Motene and her fellow United Nations Unite Campaign ambassador from Zimbabwe, Albert Nyathi.

“After a hectic week we decided to have a night out and show Motene around,” he says, “and our first stop was at Sky Lounge (i-towers) where we were joined by Gabz FM presenter Simba and a lady friend of his.” He says after a few drinks they decided the place was a bit too “laid-back” and opted for the more energetic Absolut Vodka. “When we got to Absolut Vodka some patrons were a bit star struck upon recognising Rosie (Motene) and wanted to pose for pictures with her.” Baaitse says the attention the two women (Motene and Heart) were enjoying must have rubbed some people off the wrong way. “Two guys, Lebogang Motsatsing and a friend of his came over to our table and started passing remarks like ‘who do you think you are …. you failed to settle a twenty bucks bill’, and all kinds of insults.”

He says he tried speaking with the men asking them to leave the ladies alone and one of them kept poking him on the forehead. “I lost my temper and splashed my drink onto his face at which point Simba intervened and calmed the situation which had now attracted a lot of attention from other patrons.” Just as he thought the situation would get back to normal, Baaitse says, Bissau Gaobakwe (who Baaitse claims was nowhere near when the altercation took place) came rushing and asking about who has been splashing alcohol. “When somebody pointed in our direction Bissau (Gaobakwe), despite Simba’s attempts to restrain him, started throwing random punches in our direction one of which landed on Motene’s face.” Baaitse says contrary to reports Motene did not fall or lose consciousness and neither did she bleed “profusely”, a statement that was corroborated by Berry Heart in a separate interview with this publication. He says it was difficult, at the time, to tell the extent of the damage to Motene’s face.

Following the blow to Motene’s face, Baaitse says, Gaobakwe left the scene at which point Simba followed him and asked him to apologise. “He (Gaobakwe) said he did not mean to hit Rosie (Motene) but refused to apologise.” Giving her version of what transpired on the Saturday morning, Heart corroborated Baaitse’s story and expressed her disappointment with the hotel security and the police service. She says the latter only showed up six hours after the incident was reported to them. She accuses Gaobakwe of being concerned only about his ego and refusing to apologise. “Bissau should have set aside his ego and been a man about it by apologising to Rosie,” Heart vented her frustration. Gaobakwe has been quoted in the media denying laying a hand on Motene.

“I was chilling with my girlfriend and some friends when some guy sprayed us with alcohol. I went over and hit the guy….I did not hit that woman .I don’t know her. I’ve never met her in my life.”

Our efforts to solicit comments from Simba drew a blank as he said he could not comment before the matter has been resolved by the police. “I have given a statement to the police regarding the issue and I want the whole case to be sorted out before I can say anything,” Simba told Sunday Standard.

Berry Heart says Motene and Nyathi were in the city to attend the launch of her book and CD in their capacity as UN ambassadors for the Unite campaign. The book and CD are part of my annual UN Unite campaign activities for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.


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