Friday, December 2, 2022

Namibia’s move to import Botswana teachers suffer setback

The first batch of teachers from Botswana who were to report for work at their new duty stations in Namibia did not show up when schools opened this week. A decision by the Namibian cabinet to recruit teachers from Botswana suffered a temporary setback this week following delays in certifying the teachers’ certificates and work permits processing. Namibian, Acting High Commissioner Charles Josob says almost thirty Setswana teachers imported from Botswana were unable to report for duty this week when schools opened.

“Our colleagues were waiting for them and they were supposed to have reported on Tuesday but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, “said Josob. Josob said that the recruitment was part of the process of Namibian government decision to recruit teachers in the SADC region to augment the need. He stated that the delays were as a result of delays in verifying the qualification and permits.

He said that Botswana was targeted for recruitment of Setswana teachers as the country moves to introduce mother tongue languages in schools. Josob said that the teachers were going to teach in areas where most Batswana reside in Namibia. He said that the Namibian cabinet had approved a move to recruit teachers in the SADC region after it became evident that there was a shortage of teachers in the country.

He said that they expect to recruit more teachers in different fields such as mathematics and sciences and Botswana is not the only country that they are targeting. Josob said that they have made salaries competitive enough to attract teachers in the SADC region. He was hopeful that teachers who are recruited can learn a lot from the Namibia education system and impart implement experiences that they have gained once they go back to their country.

However, Botswana Teachers Union, Ibo Kenosi has praised the move stating that this shows that teachers in are competent and can be exported to other states. He said that it was a good development because Botswana has long imported teachers from other countries.


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