Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nandos Botswana gears up for 20th anniversary celebrations

You could either be a leg or breast person (no pun intended), which ever you prefer, you can get it all at the flame grilled chicken place, Nandos, famous for their witty advertising and their one-of-a-kind saucy, succulent pieces at a store near you and they are scattered around the country.

The day in the life of a Nandos chef involves a tremendous amount of scrubbing, foaming and sanitising to ensure that prior to handling the food one’s hands are germ free.

I spent time with chefs at Nandos and, I must admit, being close to a flaming grill which threw flames into the air at every drop of sauce was a rather trying task.

Every Nandos enthusiast would appreciate the clear, step by step instructions on how and when to turn over the meat and put sauce on it to end up with the familiar quarter chicken that seems to be driving Nandos patrons crazy.

Nandos chefs deserve to be appreciated, maybe a moment of silence in their honour would do.

Next time, as a customer you may want to complain about the time it takes for your order to come through, just remember that it only takes that long to ensure utter perfection.

Instead of a cherry on top, at Nandos we end it with a carrot at the bottom – used alongside a toothpick as a means of labelling the flavour of the customer’s choice.

When it comes to flavours, the integral part of every Nandos experience, one can opt for the calm Lemon and herb, the slightly daring Mild, the hot Hot flavour or the outright flamboyant Extra Hot flavour.

I managed to unearth two of the secrets involved in the flavouring of the Nandos chicken.

Number 1: there is no extra hot sauce, the chef just slaps hot sauce on both sides of the chicken and it comes up with the tasty slightly suffocating extra hot flavour.

Number 2: for all the other flavours, mild and hot, Lemon and herb sauce is applied on the cavity side of the chicken and then the hot sauce and the mild are brushed on the meaty side.

To kick start their 20th anniversary in the country, Nandos Botswana hosted a media grilling session for various local media houses to get a firsthand experience of what it takes to get the golden brown chicken pieces.

Brand and training manager Simiso Ncube explained that their franchise thrives on extensive marketing and advertising through various media channels. Media houses were, therefore, regarded as secondary brand owners.

The Managing Director for Nandos Botswana, Ibrahim Khan, said that setting up a Nandos shop was a challenge to the company since the recruits have to be internally and extensively trained to perfection.

Khan further stated that Nandos Botswana boasts of approximately 500 local employees, adding that they try to recruit within the proximity of an area where they open.

Khan stated that they take safety and hygiene very seriously and are constantly being audited so they keep on their toes to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Khan, who has been with Nandos for 20 years, said that it has neither been easy nor smooth but would like to throw in a word of appreciation to the loyal and supportive client base they have established in Botswana and hopes to continue to grow from strength to strength.


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