Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Nando’s seeks to change main mall’s eatery landscape

In today’s constantly moving world, finding time to sit and have a decent breakfast or lunch is not an option.

Time is money, and money is time, thus we are always on the rush. In the midst of all this insanity, healthy eating is put on the back burner as we go in search of sustenance to take us through the day. And the results always come out the same, tired, bloated and fatigued.

However, for all those working in and around Gaborone Main Mall, this is all about to change with the opening of one of the world’s leading fast food eateries, Nando’s.

Ibrahim Khan, Nandos’ Managing Director, the new outlet, which was officially launched this past Tuesday, intends to give corporate professionals time to have healthy food at an affordable cost.

Speaking to Standard Lifestyle at the launch, Khan said the new outlet is designed to afford people on the go a chance to sit and enjoy their lunch breaks.

“Unlike other Nando’s eateries, this one is mainly made of two sitter tables. This was made after we realised that most of our target market come to eat in pairs and we want them to feel comfortable,” Khan said. He, however, added that they also cater for larger groups in their eatery. According to Khan, they went an extra mile to create a comfortable environment for their clients to ensure they can sit and eat in intimacy. Situated close to the government enclave and also in the heart beat of Botswana’s corporate world, the opulent outlet also boasts of a small sound proof conference room to cater for those who want to dine and do business in peace.

Khan says, to make the Nandos Main Mall look part of the vibrant city center, they spent a fortune refurbishing it.

The outlet is very spacious, intimately warm with the same good looking decor that is the benchmark of Nando’s across the world. As Nandos’ South African based General Manager of Franchising, Tony de Lima, said, the outlet has been designed “to rival the best in the world”.

He says as Nando’s, they always strive to be the best and this they accomplish through giving their clients a first class sit-down eatery. He adds that Nando’s flame grilled peri peri chicken is made to provide clients with the healthiest choice of chicken.


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