Wednesday, June 12, 2024


“Blessed is the hand that gives.”
These are the words said by the chairlady of Naledi Education Center as she received office equipment from Nashua Botswana and Maru-a-Pula.
The equipment was donated to the school so as to improve the day today running of the school.

On Thursday, Nashua and Maru-a-Pula (MaP) joined hands and donated office equipment to the Naledi Education Center.

Nashua donated a computer, a fax machine and a photocopier while Maru-a-Pula donated 5 refurbished computers and a cheque of P15 718.90.

The principal of MaP, Andrew Taylor, said, “This is to strengthen our already existing relationship.”
Taylor said that they have been helping this school where possible as last year they donated some reading material and computers.

MaP has a program called Makgasa reading where students of MaP come and help the students of Naledi. Due to high demand they have increased the number of visits from once a week to twice.

This year they saw it fit to invite a third party in making this event a success. Sean Irish, director of Nashua said that they are more than delighted to be able to help as they see children as the leaders of tomorrow. Nashua also wants to contribute to the Vision 2016 of a well educated and informed nation.

Naledi Education Center was formed in 1970 by Mr and Mrs Kasai and a majority of its students are either orphaned or destitute. The school operates as a private school and school fees for each child is P600 per annum. The school is run by a board of directors who are from different organizations.

The chairlady of the board of directors, Binny Seanokeng Gaobakwe, who is also from the African’s Women’s League, said members of the public are welcome to come and sponsor any child. Gaobakwe mentioned that the school is in need of school transport and currently they are coming up with fund raising activities.

She said that the results of the students are very impressive ever since MaP students started interacting with their students.

Gaobakwe applauded MaP and Nashua for the merchandise they had received as it would help make their job easier and more efficient. Mrs. Phama, the school head, was speechless while looking at the office equipment that they had just received.

Nursery students and the traditional dancing troupe kept the crowd entertained with their magnificent performances.


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