Wednesday, March 22, 2023

New BMDYL targets youth concerns and security

The newly-elected Botswana Movement for Democracy Youth League president, Phenyo Segokgo, says government should freeze all youth-oriented programmes and pause to reflect on their quality.
Segokgo said there is need to reflect, analyze and make recommendations that can be of utmost benefit to the youth of this country.

Addressing the media on Monday, he said the 2008 government implemented a post graduate employment programme in which the intended purpose was to resolve the level of unemployment by graduates. He said the program is not bearing any fruits as intended and highlighted that the first batch of young people who were enrolled in this program are roaming the streets as their two year contract has elapsed yet many have not been absorbed by government departments.

“We also envision a youth league committed to the principles of unity in diversity, social economic and political freedoms in every way,” he said.

Furthermore, Segokgo said the youth development program is of the programs that are not serving proper purpose because there are no proper business orientations that are given to the youth.
He observed that a lot of the youth development funded businesses collapse due to the many problems.

“We ask the government to halt such programs.”

On the security concerns, he said they are deeply concerned by the utterances made by the DIS Director Isaac Kgosi at the Parliamentary Account Committee (PAC) where he allegedly confirmed the satanic forces that are inflicting the society. He stated that they acknowledge and embrace other forms of religions as they are a religion as they are allowed in a democratic setup.

“In the Kalafatis case, though we respect the rule of law and also acknowledging that the president was acting within the ambit of the law to pardon the convicted Kalafatis murderers, we are appalled by the lack of sensitivity on the part of his Excellency to the issue of humanity to the victim’s family,” said Segokgo.

The youth president further stated that there was lack of sensitivity to the public perception that of fear towards the security organs as well as the dent of the President’s decision put on the justice system and its independence thereof.

“The BMDYL resolved as a matter of urgency to setup structures across the country, so as to augment our growth as a movement and the voice of our communities even in the far-flung areas of our country,” he said.


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