Sunday, May 28, 2023

New junior cricket league underway

The newest addition to the boys cricket junior league, the Under 11s team, recently kick started the much anticipated competition at the cricket grounds.

The games, which are expected to progress until the finals on the 27th of this month, have completed round one and are halfway through completing round two.

The first game of the league in the first round, which was between Oodi and Ramogotsi Primary Schools, saw Ramogotsi winning the match by making 56 runs for 7 in over 15 overs, while Oodi had made 48 runs for 3 in 15 overs.
The two schools are both from villages in the outskirts of Gaborone.

A young lad from Oodi, Bernard Solomon, walked away with the Man of the Match title.

The first two teams had already set the pace for the remaining teams who were now expected to stir the competition their way or succumb to the pressure.
To fuel the excitement of the games, the second match was between Itumeleng and Tsogang Primary Schools, both from Gaborone.

Itumeleng scooped victory by 72 runs for 2 in 15 overs.
Tsogang had tried by making 63 runs for 3 in over 15 overs.

Itumeleng, continuing its winning streak, provided young Thabo Patlakwe, who walked away with Man of the Match award.

The third match, still within the first round, saw Mojadife and Bophirima pitted against each other in a match both teams were looking for their first win.

Mojadife won the game by scoring 61 runs for 4 in 15 overs.
Bophirima was left at 35 runs for 6 in over 15 runs.

Mosimanegape Molefinyana from Mojadife won the converted title of Man of the Match.

Still on the same day, Rasesa challenged Mmusi Primary School and won the match by 22 runs for 3 in 6 overs, up against their competitor’s 19 all out in 14 overs.

Thusanyo Radisigo from the winning team walked away as Man of the Match.
The last matches of round one were between Ben Thema and Ikageng Primary Schools and Boikhutso was up against Botsalano.

Both the winners of the two matches, Ikageng and Boikhutso, won by a walkover.

Round Two, which has currently just started, saw the winners of the last match, Ikageng and Boikhutso, go against each other, with Ikageng emerging victoriously.

Ikageng won by 53 runs for 2 in 8 overs, while Boikhutso had gone up to 51 for 8 in 13 overs.

Man of the Match title went to Boitshwarelo Masole from Ikageng.
The league continues at the Botswana cricket grounds.


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