Saturday, December 3, 2022

New twist in BDP, DISS, Noroc, Chiepe saga

The controversy in which businessman Monametsi Monty Chiepe is caught up in a vicious war between the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and the Directorate of Intelligence and security services (DISS) on the one hand and Noroc technologies branched off into a fresh fight last week with Noroc Technologies directors threatening to sue Chiepe for defamation.

Noroc Technologies lawyers JJ Matomela Attorneys last week slapped Chiepe’s lawyer Tshiamo Rantao of Rantao Kewagamang attorneys with a letter of demand to withdraw “defamatory “statements he had published in some local newspaper and to compensate Noroc Technologies directors Temo Tau and Frederick Mathibe P 1 million each. Chiepe had issued a public statement stating: “please be informed that Temo Tau and Frederick Mathibe, who are directors/owners of Noroc Technologies (Pty) Ltd, are seasoned cyber criminals who engage in a series of crimes, including, but not necessary limited to cloning of institutions, internet fraud, false representation, obtaining by false pretences, hacking, scams and impersonations.”

Noroc Technologies’ attorneys however pointed out that his clients have never been cautioned or convicted of any crime to warrant being referred to as “cyber criminals.” Noroc directors are expected to present to court as evidence, among other things an e-mail correspondence allegedly from Chiepe dated 20-04-14 stating, “ gentlemen, you will recall the advice I gave: Officially withdraw your case against BDP. Officially withdraw from all tenders you have participated in regarding the ministry of defence and security. Withdraw from being involved in politics as you have no vested personal interest in it. Start a new life restricted to only private sector and no business with intelligence community.”

Noroc Technologies director, Frederick Mathibe also corrected a factual error in a Founding affidavit he presented to the High Court two weeks ago in which he claimed that Monametsi Chiepe was Director of Moonstone, one of the companies vying for the P 1 billion Botswana police safe cities tender. According to the corrected affidavit, Monametsi Kalayamotho and not Monametsi Chiepe is the Managing director of Moonstone.


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