Friday, July 1, 2022

New twist to the Shell/Sunrise Filling Station saga

Shell Oil Botswana (Pty) Ltd has suspended supplying Sunrise Filling Station-Serule with petroleum products for sale due to alleged failure to meet the Shell franchise requirements.
Danube Investment is currently the retailer of Sunrise Filling Station-Serule site.

Danube Investment and Shell Oil Botswana have a pending court case. Shell Oil has launched both a criminal case and a civil case against Danube Investment, a citizen-owned company, for not being honest to Shell Oil.

According to the writ of summons issued by Minchin & Kelly Attorneys, during the period January to December 2009 Shell Botswana sold and delivered petroleum products to Serule Shell (Danube Investment) at the agreed wholesale list price amounting to the sum of P2.870.646.84.

Danube Investment to this end is indebted to Shell Oil Botswana P2,651.814.32 and attempted to pay the amount outstanding by cheque, which was allegedly dishonoured by the bank.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Shell Oil Botswana Country Chairman, Boitumelo Sekwababe, declared that overtime, the retailer had been getting different fuel supplies behind their back and Shell had to instruct that particular supplier to stop supplying the Serule site with fuel products.

“The equipment at Serule Filling Station is Shell branded and fuel was bought somewhere else and Shell cannot guarantee the quality of the fuel and shall not be liable for any damage or losses, which may arise out of the use of fuel from that filling station,” said Sekwababe.

The case has been pending before the High Court for the past three months now.
This has affected Shell Oil Botswana negatively because the volume of fuel in that site is low after Shell Oil invested in purchasing expensive fuel equipment.

“We wish to get an amicable solution with Danube Investment and the case is still on-going. It is a pity that Danube Investment has not been honest with us and if Danube Investment comes up and meets the Shell terms and conditions, we are keen to supply the site with products and all the standards should be met,” added Sekwababe.

The Serule site has been operating for over twenty years and Danube took it over in 2007.
Hundreds of cross border trucks and thousands of other vehicles use the A1 highway and it is the country’s busiest road.

At the time of going to press, the offices of Moses Kabye Attorneys, representing Danube Investment, claimed not to have received the writ of summons dated 17th July 2010.
Shell Oil Botswana is represented by Minchin & Kelly Attorneys.


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