Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ngoma dismisses detractors on seeking chieftaincy

Nominated councilor and former Francistown Mayor Peter Ngoma has angrily dismissed allegations by some of his detractors, among them fellow BDP members, that he is now running for the chieftainship in Zwenshambe Village because his political career has reached a stalemate.

The relentless volley of attacks on Ngoma came after media reports that the former mayor last weekend shed his BDP colours to launch a massive campaign for the chieftainship of Zwenshambe Village.

But Ngoma says he has never told anyone that he wanted to be a chief.

Detractors have been questioning the morality of Ngoma campaigning for chieftainship in Zwenshambe while he remains a nominated councilor in Francistown.

They say he should resign the council seat before he makes a pitch for the chieftainship.
” I am a Motswana like any other and I have origins that affect me whether I am a politician or not,” he retorted, adding that nothing would ever stop him from commenting on issues that affect his birthright.

Ngoma garnered support from an unlikely ally, Ignatius Moswaane, his long time nemesis who said that he (Ngoma) had done nothing wrong in campaigning for the chieftaincy while he was still a councilor. Moswaane said that the logical thing to do would be for Ngoma to retire his council position once he has been elected chief.

” Bojwang jwa pitse ke jo bo mo maleng,” he said.
Though Ngoma has always openly declared his intention to challenge Masisi for the Francistown West constituency in 2009, commentators say that the situation changed drastically when rumours emerged that District Commissioner Sylvia Muzila also harboured intentions of joining the fray.
Even some Ngoma loyalists agree that his position is now untenable.

The common thinking is that Ngoma has been sidelined in favour of Muzila as Maisisi’ s challenger in the coming elections.

But Ngoma still maintains that he is still a politician with a rich future, reasserting his intention to challenge Masisi for the Francistown West constituency.

” I am just waiting for the go ahead to start Bulela Ditswe,” he said, adding that it was not up to him but to the electorate to decide his political future.
Commenting on the issue, the BDP Deputy Executive Secretary, Fidelis Molao, said that Ngoma has a legitimate right to comment on issues that affected his birthright and he had not breached any party statutes.

He dismissed allegations that Ngoma’s political future was very bleak saying that a lot of political opportunities still abounded for the BDP stalwart.


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