Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Night Lyf website to open shop in Botswana

Night is an entertainment website that publishes the nightlife of different cities across South Africa. With the recent improvement of the quality of annual parties and clubs scene in Gaborone, night life has decided to branch into Botswana. The popular South African website is finally paving its way to open shop in Gaborone.

Night Lyf is comprised of a group of professional photographers who attend the latest parties and events. This group is dedicated to showcasing some of the best in nightlife photography — this includes nightclubs, bars, parties, events, you name it! Their job is to go around club hopping, and taking pictures of what goes on at various entertainment and lifestyle events. After taking the pictures, they upload them on their website, where people can comment on them via social networks, mainly on Facebook and Twitter.

“Many local and international publications such as magazines and newspapers normally buy pictures from the website,” says South African Xoli Bobby Givvins. He is the co-founder of the entertainment website.

Radio personality Tshepho Ntshole’s name keeps cropping up as an associate to Night Lyf’s existence in Botswana.

According to Xoli, Ms Ntshole has had a lot of influence in setting up shop in Botswana.

“Tshepho used to give us accommodation at her house when we didn’t have money to pay for hotel rooms, because I’d come with many other photographers,” said Xoli. “Sometimes she would even fuel our car back to Jo’burg as we’d spend all our money going to different parties around Gaborone.”

However, it will not be the first time the famous photographers have club hopped in Botswana. Xoli says they have been attending the spring explosion and the back to school events alongside famous South African Djs, who use their services for online exposure. He says the night life of Gaborone has grown bigger and bigger by the year and looking back to the time when his website was started, there has been a lot of improvement.

Night Lyf has evolved from having 10 000 followers to almost 2 million members, since 2010. The website creates revenue from posting flyers of different events across South Africa.

“People refer to Nightlyf to check out where it’s happening, before going out to party,” says Xoli. “Hopefully we can provide some creative inspiration and spur discussion about quality nightlife in Gaborone and Botswana.”


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