Thursday, February 29, 2024

No to Jobs skewed towards political mileage

The government has been heavily criticised for coming up with ad-hoc programmes that are skewed towards political mileage as opposed to sustainable programmes.

The government programmes such as Ipelegeng and ISPAAD were one of the programmes that were heavily criticised as programmes meant to benefit citizens on temporary basis.

Executive Director of Letloa Trust, Kaelo Mokomo argued at Non Governmental Organisation Stakeholder meeting this week that politicians should not seek glorification for their own benefit by coming with temporary programmes.

Mokomo was of the view that there is a need to change approach where citizens are empowered through sustainable programmes.

Mokomo stated that there is a need to move away from dishing handouts which will only sustain citizens on ad-hoc basis.

Mokomo pointed out initiatives under the current government such as Ipelegeng is one of the programmes that are only meant to give credit to politicians.

‘What we see is that indeed more and more politicians refer our communities to be assisted with poverty programmes. We see more credit to the increasing numbers of people who are hired to work in Ipelegeng. What we want to see is sustainable wages for people to sustain their families,’ added Mokomo.

He said that there is a need to empower community to use their indigenous knowledge to sustain the livelihoods.

Mokomo indicated that that there is a need to provide knowledge and resources to empower communities who can come up with their own income generating projects. Mokomo further indicated that when people are empowered they stand up for themselves and come up with sustainable projects that can improve their livelihoods.

Botswana Community Based Organisation network, General Secretary Douglas letsholo indicated that communities in Botswana have been participating   in local economic development for a long time. He said that some were using their indigenous knowledge to empower themselves.

He said that if support is extended to communities in the grassroots they will be able to implement projects that have an impact on the communities which can help in addressing issues of poverty.

Mokomo further stated that communities around Botswana reside within abundant resources that can be used to change their lives when exploited to full potential. He called on government to support those who can use abundant resources at their disposal for their own livelihood. 


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