Monday, July 4, 2022

Nostalgia hits me as RB2 turns 21

I don’t remember the exact time I fell in love with the radio station. I don’t know if it was the time I was fascinated by the way Otis Fraser pronounced “January” as he was announcing the dates for the time those who had been accepted to tertiary school had to register.

Or if it was when he said “February.” It’s not very clear but the fact of the matter is that I fell in love with the radio station. Then there were the endless trips I took to Ellerines Francistown in order to try to win a prize from calling in to the show, Soul Asylum.

There was a time allocated to the slot where one had to call in from an Ellerines store in order to win tantalizing prizes. I had big dreams for the electronics that were promised. But the store assistants had other plans. They were too fascinated by the “little” girl who never tired of coming to their store.

But eventually they tired of my persistence. And I got tired of the engaged telephone number because at that time RB2 did not have many 3161006 lines. The studio number was not even 3161006. With the way that technology has evolved, it seems impossible that this was the case in 2002. Any millennium child reading this would swear this was a joke.?My relocation to the capital city did not dwindle my love for the second oldest radio station. Then came my desire to work at the station. Which did not help with my fascination either. Visiting RB2 regularly at its Main Mall offices came soon after. There was a time when I did not know whether I went to sleep or not because I would consciously listen to the radio from 05:00 to 12:00 midnight and leave it on during the night. Making sure I listen to it even in my sleep.

The presenters often praised those who had come before them. Calling them legends. I was almost sure that they were doing a better job than their legends, but I never said anything out loud. The way that the presenters spoke of the previous presenters of RB2, it almost felt like it’d be taboo to even think something un-positive about those who had come before them.

I used my entire airtime money on calling in to shows. Every presenter was my favourite presenter. RB2 was my main focus in life. And now that I am older, I still love RB2, but the love is not very intense. And I feel like my legends have been abandoned. I understand why those who fell in love with RB2 before I did felt like. Back when I was young and thought my legends were the greatest. I always have to control myself so that I don’t choke a child/teenager who doesn’t understand that RB2 was most great in the early 2000 to the mid 2000.

RB2’s 21st birthday brought back many memories of the RB2 of my time.


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