Monday, August 15, 2022

Not just for fun: ?Wellness? as a key to your life

The way we manage our bodies! This is an important area of management we tend to forget in our enthusiasm for the latest business management techniques.

We hear so often that productivity is a holistic concept and yet we do not think of that as applying to us as individuals. Productivity is not just about what goes on inside our heads. It concerns the whole person. The shape our bodies are in can make a great difference to how productive we are.

This is something that is likely to be brought home to us forcibly as lifestyle diseases (such as high blood pressure, sugar diabetes) and the HIV/AIDS pandemic take a firmer grip on humanity. To be fully productive, we need to be both physically and mentally fit. ?Se age ntlo ya Setswana go sena pinagare?, that is, do not build a traditional house without a pillar because it will collapse.?

At The Executive Gym, by tying worker productivity to wellness, we believe that:

Healthy employees are more productive and efficient than chronically ill or unfit employees
Absenteeism decreases with the increase of employee health.

It costs less to prevent injuries or illnesses than to treat them after they occur.

Healthy and fit employees are happy people and happy people are the best face of any company.
Engaging in a holistic fitness programme that involves the body, mind and soul can help employees attain the above.

Fitness programmes are not just for the fat, young, wealthy or people afflicted with chronic ailments (arthritis, blood pressure, cancer, sugar diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc). Fitness programmes are for everyone to participate in. Just imagine the saving in national healthcare bills were everyone to take responsibility for helping to keep their bodies healthy! It has been shown, for example, that regular and frequent exercise combined with a diet high in natural fibre and low in fat and refined carbohydrates can help ward off disease and many other degenerative illnesses.

Regular exercise has a wonderful way of combating the effects of diseases and stress. Exercise need not be a matter of working out at an expensive health club. It does not cost money to take a brisk walk every day and you do not need a well ? equipped gym for a toning session. An empty schoolroom, community hall or the car garage at home will do. You can, of course, also exercise alone in your own living room.

The medical aid societies and healthcare professionals can play a supportive role here. In the case of back injuries, for instance, statistical information shows that thousands of Pula are spent every year on painkillers and other medication (not to mention the many lost man-hours and the resultant productivity loss). Once a person?s back is injured, the chances of recurrent problems are very high.

If the medical societies were disposed to pay, doctors and physiotherapists would routinely refer recovering patients to qualified fitness coaches. A planned programme could help these patients build up their strength and avoid further injuries in the future.

?Do -?the way? or ?the path?-is meant to convey the idea of a journey or undertaking in a sense similar to a pilgrimage, a long-term commitment with spiritual implications. To follow the way is a constant test of personal qualities, but can provide many rewards in terms of physical and mental well-being.? At The Executive Gym, we follow this ethos and believe that by creating a friendly, comfortable and professional training environment and by tying worker productivity to health and wellness, the state and the people of Botswana we can achieve complete wellness, which is the key to life.

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