Monday, May 27, 2024

Notorious schools were under surveillance

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development has said it has been monitoring some notorious schools that were expected to cause havoc country wide.

An announcement that some schools have been under the surveillance of the ministry’s radar follows a decision by the Minister of Education to close down all public schools.

She said the schools will remain closed until further notice.

The ministry said it will go on with the recruitment of temporary teachers despite the closure of schools.

Information passed to The Telegraph suggests that a good number of notorious schools that have a history of riotous conduct, include Molefi Secondary school in Mochudi, Gaborone Secondary, Ledumang, McConnell in Tutume, Masunga, Moeding in Otse and Gantsi Senior Secondary just to mention a few.

Speaking to The Telegraph the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education, Nomsah Zuze, said, “There are some schools throughout the country that are under surveillance that we do not want to mention.”


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