Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Nshimwe, Mokaila differ on workers discrimination in Chobe

The Minister of Wildlife and Tourism Kitso Mokaila has countered accusations made by Member of Parliament for Chobe, Gibson Nshimwe that discrimination and abuse of workers is rampant in Chobe.

While Nshimwe insists that workers are abused daily and even called kaffirs by employers, Mokaila insists that the accusations are baseless as none of the reports have been substantiated.
When speaking at the recent groundbreaking ceremony of Bridgetown resort in Kasane, Nshimwe said he regularly receives complaints of abuse and racial discrimination from employees, and he will be taking the matter to parliament.

“Enough is enough. This issue has to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Some employees are discriminated against and even called kaffirs by their white employers” said Nshimwe.
But Mokaila insists that such accusations are baseless as no one has come forward with concrete evidence.

“We cannot take action based on allegations. We need concrete action before we take action against the alleged perpetrators” he said.

Mokaila added that the Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs has in the past investigated such allegations, but they found nothing.

Nshimwe said he personally experienced discrimination at a certain lodge during his campaigns in the last general elections.

“This is very pathetic, especially after so many years of independence. It is a pity that Minister Mokaila is taking this matter lightly” charged Nshimwe.


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