Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ntime says more corrupt ministers will end up in court

Veteran Botswana National Front politician, Lemogang Ntime, says that two more corrupt ruling party ministers will soon follow former Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse, into the dock.

Seretse was this week charged with corruption.

Addressing a political rally at the Gaborone Bus Rank on Wednesday, Ntime said that the two ministers were involved in corrupt actions, which he did not disclose.

He told the audience that he would embark on addressing rallies around the country and name and shame the ministers who he said are involved in corrupt acts.

Some of the corrupt acts, he said, had happened in the Okavango swamps.

Ntime lashed out at the government, saying the government has made it its duty to enrich foreigners at the expense of Batswana who are suffering amidst plenty in the country. He warned Batswana to be prepared as the country might go into early elections.

On other issues, Ntime condemned the United States of America for its campaign of starting wars around the world in pursuit of economic gains. He referred to the war in Iraq that has left at least a million Iraqis dead, saying it was specifically fought in order for the US to control Iraqi’s oil fields and not to oust Saddam Hussein from power.

He said that Botswana, under the current leadership, is serving the purpose of neo colonialists who are headed by the USA and that its leaders have been awarded honorary degrees for being lackeys of the West.

Another veteran, Rhoda Sekgororoane, said that she is greatly ashamed of Deputy Minister Tshireletso who has refused to support women leaders as per agreement of the Women in Politics Caucus that called on women to support each other, regardless of their political affiliation.
She said Tshireletso had appeared on television saying that she would not support Dr Hubona who is contesting elections on the Botswana Congress Party ticket.

”I was greatly shocked by her stance on the issue,” said Sekgororoane.

She called on all Batswana in Tonota North to vote for Hubona as she is an able woman.
The BNF national youth leader, Malatsi Mokhubami, said that the ruling party’s leadership is very arrogant and, when asked to deliver on their promises to Batswana, “hide behind proverbs like ‘Rome was not built in a day’”.

He said that their arrogance is shown by their unwillingness to develop Botswana, saying the country has no money when they spend lavishly on themselves by buying themselves expensive things, such as refrigerators and mirrors.

Mokhubami also said the BDP is a party of hypocrites as its current leader Ian Khama is not married whilst, in the past, they were saying that the late Dr Kenneth Koma could not rule because he was not married.


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