Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Ntlo Ya Dikgosi advise Molale to walk his talk

Government has adopted the National Strategy Plan which will run parallel and coordinate with the country’s National Development Plan 11 and the Vision beyond 2016.

Ntlo Ya Dikgosi acknowledged the move however urging the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Eric Molale to walk his talk as they have been fooled before.

Addressing the traditional leaders Thursday, Molale excited the traditional leaders as he waxed lyrically over his government committed plans to fight corruption, creating jobs, allocation of land and promotion of house ownership amongst other priorities.

Besides strategising on the dwindling education system, the National Strategy Plan will cast eyes wide open over citizen economic empowerment especially amongst the vulnerable youths with infrastructure development another area of concern.

“My door will always be open. This strategy needs collaboration and coordination,” Molale said, calling on concerted intervention of Ntlo ya Dikgosi to see the plan successful.

“Government recognises the important role dikgosi play in the society hence my meeting with you so that you relay the message to your people,” he said.

While the government is confident of its plans, Molale however reminded Ntlo ya Dikgosi of the resources which he argued are never adequate.

Against this backdrop, it was thus reasonable that his government elongated NDP 10 for another one year to coincide with the resumption Vision beyond 2016 and NDP 11 next year.

“Vision 2016 has been unfortunate as it did not run parallel and coordinate with NDP 9 and 10. We hope NDP 11 will run parallel and tap on envisaged Vision beyond 2016 for the smooth running of the country’s affairs,” Molale said.

While acknowledging the quite convincing brief address of the Minister, Kgosi Modise cautioned of a wool that is always rolled over their eyes to trick them by the leadership.

“Your speech is good. We just hope this is not yet another penned speech on paper we usually hear from you (leaders) without actually practice and implementation,” Kgosi Modise warned.
Besides pushing to eradicate poverty and sustain food security at household level, the new government will also attempt to modernise its way of doing things and make some reforms. “These are foundations of strategy of the newly elected government,” Molale concluded.

Botswana went for the general elections last year October with the opposition garnering 20 parliamentary seats- a symbolic victory for the opposition parties traditionally known to assume not more than 10 seats.


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