Saturday, March 2, 2024

Ntshinogang’s stay at BPL hangs by a thread


Following the brushing aside of former Botswana Premier League (BPL) board chairman Jagdish Shah a week ago, chief executive officer (CEO) Thabo Ntshinogang’s fate at the helm of the organisation is indefinite.

The elevated uncertainty of his career with the premier league administration office at Lekidi Football Centre is allegedly said to be influenced by rapport believed to have been shared between Ntshinogang and Shah.

The scheme to oust Ntshinogang follows unceasing rescheduling of matches by the premier league top brass in the just ended 2018/19 BTC Premiership. The predicament of fixture rescheduling also occurred in the 2017/18 season that witnessed the BPL board made of premier league clubs unhappy with the decision allegedly favouring certain clubs in the elite league.

Close sources told Sunday Standard that while the BPL CEO’s fortune depended on the departed Shah after an alleged call to sack him failed during his tenure. However, just a week after Shah’s departure at the BPL as chairperson of the board, the long overdue plot to overthrow is allegedly cropping out with the new leadership set to interrogate on the previous processes of the BPL.

“It is a fact that there is tension as some BPL board members want the CEO sacked. Ntshinogang is aware that there is a plot to oust him from office. However, the new leadership is yet to take the matter head on but the plan has been discussed on several occasions by the BPL board and still maintain that he vacates,” a source told the Sunday Standard.

In an interview with the Sunday Standard, Ntshinogang said he believes to have exceptionally performed at the organisation and looking forward to working positively with the newly elected board chairperson and his team.

“I am aware that there were those that believe change of fixtures in some matches played last season was not right but it was a collective decision. I have in the past worked with Rapula Okaile as the BPL board chairman and Shah and it was my responsibility to support the vision of the duo and will also support the vision of the incumbent through our secretariat role,” said Ntshinogang

He further said: “The BPL board is my superiors and have the right to call me to order if they feel something is not right. I am human and bound to make mistakes but I have no doubts that I have done my best to execute my role. It is only that some board members may feel pinched at times but the overall decision is made by the BPL board that collectively comprise of premier league club chairmen.”


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