Tuesday, October 4, 2022

“Awake, Batswana!”

Dear Editor

I was just trying to figure out exactly why it is that most qualified Batswana are walking the streets and this is what crossed my mind.

All along, everybody knew that as long as they excelled in school, the government would be waiting to embrace them and offer them a job, which was good because that’s what used to happen, but things have changed and things are going to get worse unless:

1. People are taught from a young age to start being creative and not to think or completely rely on the government. The government should be an alternative. We should promote the spirit of Innovation from an early age

2. Government should try to take us away from the dependency mode from a very young age, come up with a programme that should prepare us to CREATE, but not to look for work and they should truly enforce this into our brains. Or put it in the school curriculum

3. We as individuals should not think that the government will be able to take complete responsibility over us.

4. Let’s stop pulling each other down; let us take pride in our own people excelling. We should think outside the box so that we may somehow expand our ground on business and so on. The private sector should be driving our economy; mind you, I am not blaming the government. If anything, our government is one of the best; they have given us the basics, which is education, and they are still trying. It’s high time we try to find a way out. I feel the government cannot absorb much now and they will never be able to absorb everybody. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT, they say. Let us not be afraid as Batswana to venture into places no one has ever gone to. The richest place is the graveyard they say, so let us not die with those rich dreams. Let us plant them and reap a rich Botswana.

Arise, Batswana! Life is full of promises. The future is bright and the sky is the limit. Never give up on yourselves; just do your best and leave the rest to God. All the best and don’t forget me when you make your first million.

Yours Faithfully,

Andy Thutwe


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