Saturday, May 25, 2024

“BDP hijacked by tenderprenuers”ÔÇôEx -party strategist

Former ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) strategist in the subcommittee of the party’s Central Committee, Onneetse Ramogapi on Monday detailed how his erstwhile party has been hijacked by what he called tenderprenuers. 

Ramogapi who was welcomed by the opposition Botswana Congress Party (BCP) leadership and other BDP members from the Central District used a press briefing on Monday to provide a peep show into how members of the ruling party and those linked to the leadership continue to benefit from government tenders.  

He said one of the reasons he quit the BDP is because the party has been hijacked by a group of Gaborone tenderprenuers. He called this clique a third force and bootlickers. 

He said the tenderprenuers use BDP membership to tender and they joined the party for purposes of connection.

Ramogapi who has served the BDP in various capacities disclosed that the tenderprenuers allocated themselves work amounting to millions of Pula at BDP headquarters that led to laying off of the staff who worked tirelessly for the party. 

“Tenderprenuers are given large shares of Government tenders; about 60 to 80 percent,” said Ramogapi. 

Explaining ‘the third force,’ Ramogapi alleged that some retired military officers and top government officers who are very close to President Ian Khama were awarded 80 to 90 percent of Government security service tenders. He said 80 to 90 percent of this group was also awarded 80 to 90 percent of the diamonds licences adding that they are working on taking over colleges of education. 

He said the BDP leadership is using the recently announced Economic Stimulus Package as an exit package for themselves. 

“It is another strategy for the tenderprenuers group and the third force. Do you know what happened in the poverty eradication; BDP tenderprenuers were the main suppliers,” he said. 

On the BCP members who recently defected to the BDP, Ramogapi said “they did not voluntarily resign but they were bought. No one disassociated himself with the tape. I’m warning them that you can’t by love. They were coached to say they don’t want to join Umbrella for Democratic Change.”

“BDP is aiming at using propaganda to destabilise unity of the opposition parties such as Dumelang Saleshando wants to oust Duma Boko,” said Ramogapi. 

He said another reason he left the BDP is because there is no political tolerance within the BDP.  If you want to support Tebelelo Seretse against Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi they say find some ways of closing his business.” 

Condemining bootlicking in the BDP, and in reference to Masisi’s alleged   confession of a bootlicker, Ramogapi said “you are all aware that a man can publicly utter the words like ke lelope, ke ja boswa ja bolope.”  

According to Ramogapi “this group (malope) initially wanted to work underground without being visible, but now they are exposed.” 

Former President Sir Ketumile Masire, said Ramogapi has tried to advise President Khama that when “when you are in power you should know that one day you will not be in power.” 

“Malope were very angry and said they want Masire to be disciplined,” he said. 

Ramogogapi said the BDP ignored advice of the Chinese Government that the Chinese company that constructed the troubled Morupule project was bogus.  

He said currently some Indians employed by a company that is currently doing repairs at the power station are raking millions per month from the Botswana Government. “They are staying in lodges with are paid by the government and transported to work by the government but they are doing nothing,” he said. 


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