Sunday, May 29, 2022

“Be Challenged, Be Charged and Be Changed”- BizKid urges entrepreneurs

BizKid Botswana, a 100 percent citizen-owned company, comprising of professionals with deep insight on entrepreneurship, has been setup to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship amongst locals from a youthful stage. BizKid programs are designed to teach and instill the basics of entrepreneurship to kids as young as 9 years of age all the way up to adulthood.

The programs are aimed at creating an environment of supported growth of entrepreneurship and ensure positive impact on the lives of children and the community.

Taking the Sunday Standard through some of their initiatives, BizKid Marketing Executive, Laone Mercy Ramatokwane, said they will hold a seminar on the 30th of July at the Francistown Civic Centre where they will drill entrepreneurs on steps needed for a successful business.

The seminar will target aspiring entrepreneurs, people with uncertainties in starting up businesses, people with ideas and who have been stalling to take a move, people who would like to make a difference in their lives, people who are approaching retirement and business executives who require a confidence boost. The theme for the seminar is “Be Challenged, Be Charged and Be Changed”.
The seminar will have reputable business gurus and business advisors giving presentations.

Some of the presenters billed for the seminar include successful business personalities like Melitta Ndulamo of Melitta Biscuits and Modisenyane of Lab Lab Farm.

Moshe Seloko, a renowned business advisor with vast experience on entrepreneurship will also give a presentation.

The first presentation is titled “it’s your time to take control” and it will offer participants an opportunity to see the value in oneself, see how better they can be with what they have and motivate them to believe in themselves. The second presentation will identify common excuses that people give for not starting their own businesses and will suggest corrective measures, hence the title “Kicking your excuses goodbye-Taking a step”.

The third presentation, titled “Business Opportunity Identification-where is my potential” is aimed at giving participants tips on how to identify business ideas that work. The final presentation, “Taking Action-The next footstep” will focus on opportunity sharing in the country.

The Francistown seminar will be one of the many seminars that are going to be held country wide in the near future.

Even though this seminar will target grownups, BizKid’s mandate starts with imparting knowledge to people from as young as primary school students. BizKid rookies program (primary school level) has a five week foundation program followed by a six week intermediate, culminating into a graduation to BizKid transitional at secondary school level.

At transitional level, students leverage their classroom experience and the expertise of their faculty advisor.

Ramatokwane of BizKid said through their programs they intend to expose people to the business world by taking them through the entrepreneurial circle.

“For us to diversify and boost the economy of this country we need to change people’s minds and attitudes right from the grass roots level,”, said Ramatokwane.


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