Thursday, July 7, 2022

“BMD can influence events” ÔÇô snap poll

Over 80 percent of respondents to an online poll in The Sunday Standard newspaper website believe the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) can influence political events in the country. Thirteen percent others do not agree while 2.3 percent would not say.

On Monday at least 7455 people had participated in the poll.

Out of this, 6286 said yes, 994 said no, while 175 could not say, responding to the question: “Does the new political party stand a chance to influence events in Botswana?”

Although there is no empirical evidence to suggest that the result of the poll reflects a demographically representative sample, the party is nevertheless happy that it is striking the right notes.

BMD says the numbers show that it has “overwhelming support among the right thinking members of the community and constitutes the majority of Batswana”.

“When we keep telling maDomkrag of the support that is pouring in on a daily basis, they think we are bluffing. No amount of think tanking and engagement of public relations personnel by the BDP and its government will stem the avalanche towards the BMD. We don’t go out looking for members they come looking for us. And that is throughout the country not just in urban areas. This is only the beginning; watch this space. There is no going back,” said party spokesman Sidney Pilane.
A senior lecturer at the University of Botswana, political analyst Zibani Maundeni, says the entry of the BMD is having a big impact on the attitudes of the people.

“The fact that so many have participated in the poll means many people are aware of its existence. This obviously contributes to the political consciousness of the people,” Dr. Maundeni told The Telegraph.


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