Monday, March 1, 2021

“Botswana Constitution; What’s next?” ÔÇô A response

Dear Editor

I would like to also share my opinion in the debate around the constitution and in the process attend to issues raised by Sam Ditshego.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that yes, some portions of our constitution needs to be revisited but to infuse the idea that we are already doomed is not wise. The Constitution is the inscription of the nations’ modus operandi in running its affairs.

It is a document at the mercy of legislators who can amend it when they see fit. Bo Rre Kwelagobe, I refuse to think that they see the Constitution as working against them. I believe, acknowledging that it is timely that a particular segment of the constitution needs revisiting is totally understandable and in no way is this enlightenment a way to self protect particular members of our legislation.

Nnya bagaetsho, we were there, Rre Kwelagobe never disrespected Dr. Kenneth Koma or Phillip Matante as Sam Ditshego alleges, unless if differing in opinion and political perspective amounts to disrespect. These men have contributed progressively to the growth of our democracy and may the lord bless their souls, they died and left a legacy we all cherish.

Rre Sam Ditshego asks “What did the likes of Kwelagobe do when Mxolisi “Ace” Mgxashe was deported?” , and further, “What did the likes of Kwelagobe do when Professor Kenneth Good, was expelled about four years ago for having decried undemocratic tendencies within the BDP and the country at large? They didn’t raise a finger.” On this, I would like to inform Rre Ditshego and all those who might not be aware that legislators have nothing to do with deportation orders, they neither sign them nor do they debate them, so expecting Rre Kwelagobe to raise a finger to such is senseless. Being a student of professor Good, get it from me, yes he was not a gentleman and yes his scholarly behaviour was ridiculous. His influence was enticing and entirely toxic to young learners.

As scholars and debaters, our submissions to what needs to be done in our society and our democracy are priceless. There is a need therefore for them to be well researched, informative and constructive towards nation building. Rre Motswaledi, a true Patriot, displayed courage in taking the route less used to enlighten more the legislators that they need to awake to the dynamic new force and shape that the world is taking. He was selfless and his efforts were not personal and selfish. Why can’t we do the same in a polite and mature way.

Botho Seboko


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