Saturday, March 2, 2024

“Botswana not immune to threats” ÔÇô intelligence head honcho


The Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Brigadier Peter Magosi says Botswana is faced with emerging security threats just like any other country in the region.

The Director General revealed that the southern African region, Botswana included is going through comparable challenges of diminishing natural resources, continuous presence of drought, threats of human security, transnational organized crimes and other emerging threats

Speaking at the just ended meeting of the Committee of Intelligence and Security services of Africa (CISSA), Southern Africa Regional meeting Thursday last week, Magosi said contemporary security threats were emerging and manifesting into a crisis at an alarming speed.

“As Intelligence and Security Services we need to work together and collaborate in information sharing and also to embrace other stakeholders such as the civil society, academia and various experts to curb this trajectory. I’m happy to state that this meeting has served its purpose of collaborative approach to finding solutions to common threats and as well as embracing diversity in the search of knowledge, facts and the truth. This was evidence during the deliberation on the theme of the meeting titled: Present and Future state of Resource conflict in Southern Africa and Response strategies”, said Magosi

Magosi acknowledge contribution presented by Professor Julius Atlhopheng from University of Botswana in his submission as a form of information sharing needed by intelligence community. He said the author did well to explain to the public about conflicts over land and natural resources as a threat to national security and the region at large.

He called upon member services to embrace the concept of information sharing and capacity building which are key to success.

“Fellow Director General, it is important to note that as intelligence practitioners, we derive credibility from maintaining the principle of professionalism, the covenant of objectivity and the duty to serve our citizens and a duty to advice our principal who represent the leadership that deserve and depend on our advice to make informed decisions in the quest to develop the nation under a peaceful environment”, said Magosi

Vice President Slumber Tsogwane who had graced the meeting also said the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) has positioned itself as an important component to create a stable and safe environment for the continent, said Vice President Tsogwane.

Officially opening CISSA, southern Africa regional meeting, Tsogwane said the organisation had also created an environment conducive to sustainable socio-economic development, especially in the region.

He said the ever evolving security threats around the world had presented the region with new challenges including in the areas of socioeconomic development, human and food security, climate change as well as governance.

Given the complexity of the global environment, African states had to confront threats that were both volatile and complex.

“The security challenges we face as individual countries have the propensity to manifest into regional threats as contemporary threats do not recognise borders,” said Tsogwane

Tsogwane said the globalised economy had brought about more complex threats of a transnational nature which required collaborative efforts through bodies such as CISSA. He said the fact that Botswana was hosting the CISSA regional meeting showed that unity was central to dealing effectively with challenges afflicting the region.


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