Tuesday, April 13, 2021

“Congratu-lations NIIT, but please mend your ways”

Dear Editor

While the management at NIIT have every reason to be elated at being one of the first private institutions to be both BOTA and TEC accredited, and also that they will be making a lot of money next year following a decision by government to sponsor citizen students there starting next year, there seems to be the other side of the issue that is least known to the public.

In one of the articles published a week ago, NIIT boasted as having managed to provide employment to at least 15 graduates.

But not all is well or well known there.
They must go further and tell the nation how much they are paying those graduates.

They must also tell the nation how many of the senior staffers in their executive are Batswana.

It’s all well and good that they will be making a fortune, but government should also know if government programmes like citizen empowerment and localization are being implemented at institutions like NIIT.

Labour related issues should also improve with the boon that will be brought about by state finances.

Unless the situation improves quickly, there shall always be the spectre of legitimacy and or quality of education offered at such institutions like NIIT and others.

I no longer work there but I taught there and for the sake of my fellow countrymen, this nonsensical practice has to be investigated and brought to people’s attention.

Godfrey Rebagamang


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