Sunday, June 16, 2024

“Delivery remains controversial”

It is just about three months after the ruling party has made it (as usual) to the golden throne, featuring Khama occupying the highest office in the state. Khama did not hesitate to lay down another D on board when he assumed the golden throne. Delivery is the talk of the day in every highway and even in the darkest spots of the country, raising controversial issues concerning the president’s intent and his frame of reference.

It is without doubt that these days many sit uncomfortably in their offices. People think that they are being watched and followed around.
Isn’t it amazing that some no longer trust their colleagues in the workplace? Batswana now have a tendency of thinking that their country is losing its democracy and assuming another kind of rulership that is named according to anybody’s perception of the concept and how they view things.
But let’s just come to the focal issue that drove me to lay this down in script.

Is it true that this golden fifth D is incongruent with the first four D’s delivered to the nation sometimes ago in terms of the president’s plan of how to administer this country? Are we going to be secure down in here at the thought of having a colleague spying a telephone call in the next office? Please allow me to say that there is no need to live in trepidation. You know very well that even in a democratic state, it cannot always be feasible to confer with the citizens pertaining to all the decisions to be made.

But at the end of the day a decision will have to be made that will serve the nation. Delivery stands to call upon me and you in our workplaces to decide right away that it is time we now get focused, set our eyes towards triumph and be unwavering towards the mandates of our organizations, especially in this year of 2010 that I call the year of new beginnings.

No one is planning iniquity against anybody. The issue here is that let each one’s labour bear the anticipated fruits, because it is not judicious to leave home early for work without any target for the day. This is the time that we have to bear in mind the visions and missions of our organizations. In other words let the teacher strive for excellence and deliver to her class. Let the nurse decide that it is more than just collecting the vital signs from the patients.

Let the police officer come to a decision that it takes him more than sitting behind the desk and recording information about a burglary case, and then do little to track the perpetrator and bring them to book. In a nutshell, delivery calls me and you to do our portion and produce results so that when we bring bread and butter on the table at home, we know that we have done our part in the workplace. That’s all!

One thing that leads to the collapse and liquidation of our dreams, plans and ambitions as Batswana is that we converse more than we can do and this character has been and is still being passed on to our children. Many brilliant ideas have just ended on paper and have never seen the light of the day. It is not prudent to waste resources spending time in conferences and meetings discussing and documenting ideas that will later accumulate filth in shelves.

Countrymen, the time is now. Instead of being belligerent and difficult without doing anything or even suggesting something better (this is the most bothersome mindset), just give other people’s ideas a try because who knows, they might be the ideas that will witness this country’s breakthrough in terms of productivity, because really one cannot know how far they can go until they try something out.


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