Saturday, July 2, 2022

“Desmond Tutu embarrassing Africa and Africans”

Dear Tutu

I think you are now embarrassing Africa and Africans!

I also blame you for the escalating crime in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

If it wasn’t for your careless words, crime would not be as high in South Africa. Your words encouraged people who were scared to commit crime to turn to crime because they are poor. This excuse is not tolerated by most people in Africa and the world.

I remember you saying that crime was caused by apartheid. That rapists, murderers, etc are such because of apartheid. This is nonsensical because I know that Mozambicans suffered more under apartheid than South Africans yet crime levels in Mozambique are not as horrific as in South Africa.

You also keep yapping about homosexuals and your undying love for them. Are you a closet homosexual or what?
Homosexuality was introduced to South Africa by foreign whites and used to dehumanize the black people in jails and to breakdown the black people’s morals and family values. You now say its acceptable?

If I was not African I would wish that your sons become homosexuals so that you give away your son as wife to another man from Eastern Cape or Hillbrow. But since I have a good African heart I will not.

I will pray that God reminds you that we are Africans and that to murder, rape, homosexuality and bestiality are not right.

Regarding the Anglican Church, why don’t you join the homosexual parade and start your own church in South Africa where homosexuals can be your congregation.
Before 1994, A Zambian friend of mine gave me a book written by a European. I do not remember the title or author. In this book there were horrific stories about some western people being brought to hunt secretly in South Africa. Their favourite prey were Zulu men since they believed that Zulus were big and strong and would not tire and give up easily.
These westerners would hunt the Zulu man by helicopter and then on foot. The hunters would be assisted by Indians. These Indians would rape/sodomise the Zulu males in the hunting camps.

When following the “truth & reconciliation” issues I did not see this issue being addressed. Why?
You once said “Mugabe would shock angels” yet when Margaret Thatcher’s son and other Europeans and South Africans were caught just before they could cause political instability, war, rape and murder in Equatorial Guinea and the South African courts set Thatcher free. You said “zilch” nothing!

Tutu you are not supposed to be on the African panel of elders because you do not think like an African at all these days.

Instead of you traveling first class and staying in posh hotels in Europe and USA all year round, why don’t you organize some good hardcore prayers in the different parts of South Africa in order to fight the demons affecting South Africa daily. As it is, South Africa is a mess. Some genuine priests and pastors organize prayer crusades. They need your help.

Otherwise I am sure you did a lot of good things in your years. But please, I think your time is up. Let us decent young Africans continue decolonizing our minds. We don’t need neo-colonialist agents like you to day or ever.

N. Muwanga
Pan Africanist.


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