Monday, March 4, 2024

“Duma Boko and his reckless talk”

Two weeks ago, the UDC President Duma Boko went to Broadhurst Police Station and incited the #IShallNotForget protesters to beat up the Police…!! He said that the law allows for it.

A few days later, a UDC activist and Lawyer Obonye Jonas, made another reckless and irresponsible statement on Facebook in support of his political hero…!! He said that ‘Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary’… ‘Not only beat up an officer as suggested by Duma Boko… but taking away life……chilling suff……..he’s literally advising people to kill a police officer in their line of duty……..

I may not be a student of law,  BUT surely this is Rreckless and irresponsible, serially deceptive…..

Some followers of Duma Boko have simply shut the eye of reason……Indeed the way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason. They have the great merit of agreeing with everything Duma Boko says, no matter how reckless and irresponsible it is. It seems the man may even advice his followers to carry out a suicide bomber mission and by the look of things, they will gladly accept.

Irresponsible and reckless talk does not cease to be irresponsible and reckless simply because it was said by Duma Boko.

Read below a man justifying wrong just to show solidarity with his political Hero…!! This is a Facebook post by one ‘Busang Manewe’…….

Busang Manewe wrote:
“Molao o thata. Cde Boko Duma is being accused of being irresponsible for saying protestors can beat up the police when they try to arrest them. I have heard some people repeatedly saying that irresponsible and he must be taken to task. I think it is an elementary legal position that an unlawful arrest constitute an assault on the arrestee thereby entitling the person being unlawfully arrested to use force to repel the unlawful arrest. At law school as early as third year, we were made to read the famous case of France Setshameko vs The State, which confirms this position. I guess those in doubt should google the case and read it before they embarrass themselves.”

It is a great pity that as the BDP we have sat back and allowed a vocal group of misguided opposition fanatics to saw seeds of lawlessness daily on private radio stations and social media public forums. We have done very little to engage these fanatics displaying all traits of radicalism in a proper debate. Our media is also adding salt to injury by failing to call the UDC leadership to account for their irresponsible statements and actions

Batswana want people who are committed to providing practical solutions to their own problems and not those who waste time attacking efforts of the ruling party. Voters prefer a political party which is always concerned about the plight of the people and not discredited political strategies such as instilling fear on citizens and inciting public violence.

For the years that I have lived there has never been seriousness, substance and commitment to policy making by our opposition political representatives in parliament and even at Local Government level. All they are good at is criticism, criticism and criticism. None of them has stood up in parliament to offer sound alternative policies. All they have bred is angry, embittered, fire spitting political militants who spend most of their time insulting and intimidating their political opponents at all media houses including radio debates.

There is drought of good character and integrity in what the  UDC/BCP BMD has bred. Integrity requires that one be faithful to the truth even if it is politically inconvenient to do so.

The likes of Duma Boko, are cowards who lack consistency, endurance, patience and stamina. Integrity requires one to be true to principles regardless of consequences.

In his last attempt to incite the #IShallNotForget protesters to beat up the Police, Duma Boko continues to prove himself as an unworthy leader who not be trusted with State Power. The BDP is busy bringing about safety and voice to the ordinary men and women of Botswana while the UDC is attempting to destroy all that.

Blind followers of Duma Boko should therefore stop being lazy and offer more than just labeling their opponents “bootlickers”. When opposition fanatics disagree with their political opponents during public debates they are unable to voice their opinions without labelling their opponents. They are unable to debate in a way that matters.

Respectful language doesn’t mean they will be sugarcoating their feedback. It means they are mindful, and they want their arguments to be considered. If they were courteous and their side was not taken into consideration, that’s okay, at least they would have presented an argument in a way that was worth listening to.


Personal attacks, insults, rude remarks, libels and heckling nasty comments are never constructive and certainly not helpful during debates.

When one disagrees with another’s points of view but are incapable of presenting their arguments free of personal attacks, rude comments, libels, insults and heckling nasty comments clearly they lack value in debates and they are offended by facts.

*MacDonald Peloetletse is a  BDP functionary. He  writes in his personal capacity


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