Sunday, May 26, 2024

“I have assisted Isaac Kgosi just as I have assisted Sunday Standard editors”

I have read an article in last week’s Sunday Standard titled DISS in psychological warfare to save Isaac Kgosi, in which I was named as the person masterminding it. The article contained a lot of deliberate distortions of information and facts, which I can only assume was an effort to support a sensational headline meant to push sales. Given the ease with which the Editors of the Sunday Standard reach me, whether night or day, or whether I am in this country or not, I find it curious that in relation to this mischievous article, no effort was made to obtain clarification from myself.

I am neither aware of the existence of the “Save Isaac Kgosi” campaign mentioned by the Sunday Standard nor am I the mastermind behind it.

Occasionally I am approached, informally, by some of my friends seeking advice or other assistance. Such assistance has been rendered to, for example, to my friends who are as diverse as, newspaper Editors, (including the Sunday Standard), friends in the corporate world and private individuals, including Isaac Kgosi, whom I have known for more than 15 years. I have rendered this assistance to this variety of persons adhoc, as and when required by them and will continue to do so for so long as such assistance is required, and I am able to assist.

Let me clarify that such assistance has been informal and voluntary, and no person whom I have previously assisted can lay claim to a monopoly over such assistance as it is free and available to all my friends as and when required.

To therefore suggest, as you state in your article, that any assistance which I may have previously rendered to Isaac Kgosi ties me into a conspiracy or other orchestrated plan to advance or protect his interests is quite frankly ridiculous and must be dismissed with deserving contempt. Coming from you the Sunday Standard, whom I have similarly assisted on countless occasions, I regard the imputations against myself as a particularly disgraceful and hurtful slur.

In spite of the aforegoing, you will observe that I have not broken any shared confidences between yourselves and I, but it has not escaped my notice in the same article, the ease with which you have done so in relation to certain affairs of the Late Louis Nchindo. I do feel bound to correct certain matters concerning the late Mr. Nchindo to which you have alluded in your article, but I am constrained by my continuing duty of confidentiality towards him even in death. In conclusion I pray that there shall never be any circumstances that provide me with an incentive to barter the confidence and trust you repose in me.


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