Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“I quit, I will never drink again”

How many times have you heard yourself and your friends say these words?
Is it said when your head hurts so bad you wish it could be chopped off, or when you are slumping over the toilet throwing your lungs out? Or, maybe when you see pictures of the crazy things you did the night before but you don’t have any memory of anything at all?
Some of us quit drinking every Sunday because we can’t believe the things we got up to when we were drunk the previous day.

Every Monday, we hear crazy stories of the horrors that people who are close to us experienced when they were out drinking during the weekend (and there are many!). Yet we go out and continue to drink, no matter how much we regret what we did when we were under the influence.

Drinking beyond our limit is a massive problem amongst youth, some have caused accidents, some have fallen pregnant, some have been raped by people of the same sex, while some have downright embarrassed themselves.

One thing is for sure, the majority of our youth abuse alcohol and they all have different stories to tell.
The objective of this story was to get people to share their craziest memories of a night they wish never happened.
Michelle Kereng (not her real name, of course) is one of the people who have experienced the ‘I quit’ regret of the morning after.

“It was my 21st birthday in August. Within my circle of friends turning 21 is considered a big deal; it’s almost like sweet 16 in the States. Of course, my parents bought me a car. Sometimes I thank God for blessing me with a well off family. My parents had agreed to spend the weekend elsewhere so I could host my 21st at our house without their supervision. I mean I was turning 21 and they had already given me a key beforehand.

“I remember that my party was supposed to start from 7 till late; my friends decided to drag me to Linga Longa for cocktails before the party, and they were paying the bill. I had a few cocktails to calm my nerves because I just couldn’t wait, and besides the alcohol that was at my house was just too much, they bought different bottles of wine, cases of a variety of lagers, cases of a variety of ciders, the good and expensive stuff like Jack Daniels, Hennesy, Southern Comfort and a whole lot more.

“Anyway I remember getting home a bit tipsy, only to find more of my friends already there. There were people there I hadn’t seen before. I remember seeing a group of white guys there; I only knew one I went to school with. Indian boys (I like those) and, of course, the rest of Gaborone was there.

“As a birthday treat, they made me do a kegstand; this is where they hold you upside down and they make you drink beer out of a bong.

Blood was rushing to my head, and the alcohol was flowing into my system at such a mind-blowing speed, I thought I was going to choke and it seemed to go on forever.

“When they let me go, I felt dizzy but the feeling went away after a couple of minutes. After that I don’t remember much but I remember downing a couple of shots and puking on the lawn. Then it was a blur.

I woke up the next day by the kitchen counter, my white minidress was a mess and there were beer cans all around. I found strange people sleeping on my bed upstairs.

“When I checked the time it was around eleven in the morning and my phone was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I spent the whole day puking.

“According to my friends, I kept telling everyone that I could handle alcohol because it was next to nothing on my list. Then I went to the white boys and demanded that one of them kiss me because it was my birthday and I have always wanted to kiss a white boy. Apparently I kissed two of them and passed out. Before that I had literally danced on the table for all to see, there is evidence! I gave away one of my new shoes because I felt like Cinderella.

“Apparently, I told everyone that my party would last for the whole weekend and they were allowed to camp at my house.

I also found out that I called my ex, I don’t remember what I said to him.
Some of the people who attended the party uploaded the horrible pictures of me drunk on to Facebook. The embarrassment I experienced when I got to school on Monday!

“I promised myself I would never drink like that again but, of course, this was on Monday, I was at Fashion Lounge by Saturday.”

Let’s hear your stories; send them to [email protected],com. Please indicate whether you would like your story to appear with your real name or anonymously.


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