Monday, May 23, 2022

“Is BHC defying President Mogae?”

Dear Editor,

In his November 7th, 2005 state of the Nation address, President Festus Mogae appealed to government sectors and other companies to push forward with a review of hiring criteria so as to remove unnecessary barriers, such as overly stringent experience criteria.

The idea was to address the problem of youth unemployment.

But most government sectors and companies seem not to have heeded his call; they are still demanding that one should have worked for a long time before they can hire him/her.

For instance, in this week’s advert, which has been placed in most local papers, the Botswana Housing Corporation is looking for a Public and Corporate Affairs Manager.
The advert says such a candidate should have a Degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism and Public Relations AND should have at least TEN years post qualification experience in customer service, marketing and Public Relations environment.

From the BHC advert I can now clearly see and understand why all the Public Relations jobs in this country have always been occupied by the same old faces.
A few years ago, Spencer Mogapi wrote an article complaining about the recycling of Public Relations Officers.

These Public Relations Officers are always hopping from one job to the other thus not giving young graduates any chance at all.

There is an old saying which says “A new broom sweeps clean but an old broom knows every corner.” But with this current trend, I wonder whether a new broom will ever be given a chance or it will only have a chance when the old broom is already dead.

Temba Sibanda


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