Friday, April 16, 2021

“Khama is a charismatic leader”

A charismatic leader is a person who has a very strong referent power, very strong vision, and an exceptional ability to communicate that vision with passion and conviction. This leader is characterized by behaviour that is unordinary, novel, unconventional and counter to norms. The type of person is perceived as a maverick that initiates and supports radical change in an organization.

A normal person will agree with me that the Vice President of Botswana Ian Khama is a charismatic leader who can convince and inspire people to support changes, not only that he can instill trust and reduce resistance to change.

Before he became the Vice President, it was not easy for the public to seek any assistance from the office of the Vice President.

After he became Vice President, he allowed the public to appeal to his office.

In fact, we could not think of that.
We had a natural fear of that office.

Khama made sure that the office serves the nation. Firstly, he said no appointment should be made if people want to see him. The public visited his office in large numbers in such a way that at the end the people were asked to make appointments.
There is no normal person who can deny that Khama has assisted a lot of people through this change of culture in government.

Khama has the love of people at heart. To mention a few, look at his Serowe North Trust Fund, Lady Khama Trust to mention but a few and ask yourself how many disabled, underprivileged people, destitutes he assisted through the Trust Fund.
Is there any opposition leader who has introduced that?

I’m much surprised to hear people like Michael Dingake and others, who continue to crucify innocent people on assumptions and suspicions without any valid proof.

However, the Jews also crucified Jesus Christ without any reason and people should just judge Bo rre Dingake and compare them to the Jews.
Look at the Zebras and young Zebras team. The Vice President makes sure that he organizes bonuses for them; that is what the leader should do; whereby he influences others to willingly and enthusiastically direct their efforts and abilities towards attaining defined group or organisational goals.
It is this reason that we saw Zebras working hard to achieve desired goals.

The love of Khama towards people compels him to sit around the fire in the Kgotla at the villages and chart with old man.

There is no dictator who can do such a thing.
Let me conclude by saying Khama, just like his father Seretse Khama, has the heart for the people and no one should have any fear when Khama takes over.

I pray that God should open your eyes and see the good things done by Khama.

Onneetse Ramogapi


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