Monday, February 26, 2024

“Losing” ministers to keep their jobs ÔÇô Masisi

FRANCISTOWN ÔÇô The President, Mokgweetsi Masisi last Monday told the business community gathered here that he will not “fire” ministers who recently contested and lost during the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections ÔÇô Bulela Ditswe.

Close to ten ministers, amongst them Shaw Kgathi, Patrick Ralotsia, Nonofo Molefi, Tshenolo Mabeo, France Van der Weshuizen, Alfred Madigele, and Vincent Seretse lost during the recent BDP primary elections held across the country.

It is not the first time ministers get ousted as in the period leading to the 2014 general elections, a similar pattern was recorded with ministers failing to secure a consecutive term in Parliament.

While in the past some of the loosing ministers were immediately dropped from cabinet, Masisi says he will keep his.

“As President I cannot but take note of the obliteration of my cabinet at the BDP primaries. To tell the truth, some of the people who beat them cannot serve the country at the level at which these men have served”, Masisi said.

Masisi said despite having been ousted at Bulela Ditswe, “this cabinet is going to remain and do the national duty that they are so good at doing”.

He also noted that there should be a national discourse to evaluate if the time is not right to change the constitution and allow the President to select his own cabinet.

“Sadly the constitution compels me to choose cabinet from parliament. But we will initiate a dialogue, mindful of the fact that we are a democracy that value consultation and accountability. I will however not bow to pressure to reshuffle my cabinet”, Masisi told the National Business Conference in the second city of Francistown.

Masisi’s sentiments come at a time when there has been talk from some sectors of the society calling for a cabinet reshuffle. While some argue then need to do so on the account of the BDP primary elections outcome, others are of the view that some ministers are deliberately sabotaging the President’s agenda.


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