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“MolayaKgosi Herstory” marked for January 25th

At the top of every woman’s calendar this year should be the launch of a documentary series titled, “MolayaKgosi Herstory”, marked for January 25th 2013 in Gaborone.

This series is aimed at celebrating the contributions made to Botswana by various women in their respective professions from all walks of life.

MolayaKgosi Leadership and Mentorship Program is a spin off from the Young African Women Leaders Forum, which was an initiative by the United States Of America First Lady, Michelle Obama, and is spear headed by members of this forum.

The scriptwriter for this documentary, Karen Phiri, explained that they are aiming for young Batswana women and they already have an agreement with the Ministry of Educational and Skills Development that the Ministry will facilitate the screening of this documentary at Senior Secondary Schools.

This, according to Phiri, is to expose the youth there to some form of “Career mentorship”.

Phiri also stated that the Senior Secondary school going younger women are at a stage where they are faced with crucial decisions to make regarding their careers and this documentary could somewhat guide them.

The first screening of the documentary will feature Dr Gaositwe Chiepe, portraying her role as a champion for education, the first woman Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister. They will also show Dr Margret Nasha as she was the first woman in Botswana to hold the position of the Speaker of the National Assembly. Professor Serara Selelo- Mogwe will also be featured as a Pioneer in the Professional healthcare industry alongside Ms Sefako who will be honoured for her contribution to the performing arts.

Phiri further explained that more women from all aspects of life citing the Legal, Business and Human Rights fraternities will also be featured in this series.

“To qualify for a slot in this series, the woman must have made a positive contribution to the community,” explained Phiri, who further lamented that one need not be a public figure but they should have had a role in giving back to the community.

For further broadcasting, Phiri stated that they were currently negotiating with both local and international broadcasters to carry the series alongside the Ministry of Educational and Skills Development but has not yet made any confirmations.


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