Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“Of Skelemani and Francistown East”

Dear Editor

The 2009 General Elections have come and gone leaving a trail of wounded giants and minnows throughout constituencies. When all is said and done one would urge the vanquished to let the victors gloat for it is their moment of joy no matter how reduced the margin might be. Victory is victory. We should let them gloat as long as they do not start throwing stones at us from their glass houses. Many things continue to be said about why the BDP lost some constituencies. Some blame soldiers who have the same rights as every body else for voting for the BCP without proof. I thought voting was done in secret. Why should we start probing how a certain group of people voted? If they voted for the BCP or any other party does that matter? The most bizarre and nauseating thing however is the tribal element peddled by the BDP against the people of Chobe, Okavango, Ngami and Kgalagadi for having voted the opposition into Parliament. Unless I am missing something I do not seem to understand what the farce is all about. It is public knowledge that all the contenders came from the same tribes. That being so what form of tribalism is this? Has Botswana’s politics acquired a new dimension? Throughout the campaigns we never heard of this? Why now? There is no doubt that these areas are the least developed despite pretences to the contrary. One gets the impression that the people of Kgalagadi, Chobe, Okavango and Ngamiland are in trouble for having voted into Parliament opposition MPs.

There is a possibility that developments projects would not reach them as a form of punishment. In any event President Khama has not minced his words. He has categorically stated that he would find it difficult to work with opposition members despite extolling to the world how democratic he is and that a given people is entitled to exercise its democratic right to elect leadership of its choice. During the years when Phillip Matante was MP for Francistown, the town was on its own. I would urge MPs from those areas to stay focused as the road ahead looks murky and scary. Not to be outdone, and despite his victory, Phandu Skelemani too found time to accuse the BCP in Francistown East for what he called voter trafficking (See at page 2 of the Telegraph of 21st October 2009). In fact he is quoted as saying among other things, that “there is something funny about the BCP losing against the BDP with such a small margin. I suspect the trafficking of voters might have caused such.” One can only think this way if he lives in an ivory tower. If what he says is true, it would mean that the BCP brought hundreds of villagers into Francistown East. He does not realize though that Baledzi Gaolatlhe in Tonota North might cry foul too because he has lost three councilors in Mathangwane North, Mathangwane South and Sebina South to the BCP where the voting pattern was the same ÔÇô 3000 plus! If I were him, I would have thanked Francistown East voters for narrowly electing me into Parliament without throwing stones from a glass house. During the counting it was quite evident that if I had won, he and his wife would not have accepted defeat judging from their utterances.

However contrary to unfounded allegations against the Botswana Congress Party, I can safely say that if anything he is guilty of voter trafficking himself. As proof of this, I invite the reader to peruse the Francistown East voters’ roll from pages 277 to 283 – Institute of Health Sciences ÔÇô Francistown Central ward where he is a registered voter and you will notice that 11 (eleven) voters under one roof were registered to vote in his house. On the other hand, do like wise from pages 496 to 509 – Senior Police Mess – Government Camp ward where I am registered and see for yourself who between us was a voter trafficker. May be he suspects that I overdid him! Unlike the previous elections which were a foregone conclusion, the journey to the 2009 General Elections was torturous and gruesome an experience to some who had enjoyed comfort zones over the years. A seasoned observer would come to the conclusion that the BCP was a major force in this past elections to which Skelemani should take note of instead of casting aspersions on others and the BCP. To him I say congratulations but Aluta continua!

Morgan Captan Mojiwa Moseki
P.O. Box 1951

Cell: 71877600
Tell: 2419900


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