Wednesday, July 6, 2022

“Thanks for the feedback”

I have been receiving a lot of feedback from the readers. I’m truly humbled and the messages are just too many to be published here. Let me share with you just a few of the messages.
“I’m a number 1 fan of your articles, hardcore, straight and uncompromising. Just the style I like. Cheers! Keep up the good work, never had a platform and opportunity 2 tell u this and now I just got 1. You are the best.”
Tshephi Kgetse

“We are aware of everything and, just we are suppressed and cannot express ourselves, we cannot just thank you guys enough. Nice article bra, very straight to the point. A job well done. The pen is a powerful tool it got Zimbabwe colonized it can do a lot for us.”
Allen Mocuminyane

“I always buy the Telegraph on Wednesday and read your article first…I think you should have your own TV show…”
Olebe Pebe

“When are you going 2 stop making us laugh? The ‘excellence’ column!!We read it here in Durban, if u can see how these guys are laughing, eish, tears, tears and tears…of laughter and happiness….my ribs!!!”
Chris Kokeletso

“Thank you Sonny….I read a lot of your articles and believe me, you are a prolific writer. You tell the truth through humour…and I just love it”
Lovemore Mouza

“I like your articles and your fearless approach in tackling the need for transparency which seems to be a taboo nowadays in Botswana. Keep it up” Israel
“Hi! Sorry for bothering you…kante who is Loose Canon? I have been following your and his/her articles.”
Code Dibebe

“I have followed you before there was the Telegraph when you wrote for Sunday Standard, I wish you also had some articles there too, you see you are young and give a younger point of view. I am glad that you are doing what you are doing, you are very brave, but the service that you are giving to the Nation is like master card, PRICELESS. The thing is most people don’t like to know the truth about things happening in this country, we must not allow things to end up like Zimbabwe.”
Ruff Riddims

“I would like to big you up on the great work that you continue to do for our country. Keep it up brethren”
“I have been reading both you and Loose Cannon and can’t stop to wonder about the similarities in your writing and have come to the conclusion that YOU might actually be the Loose Cannon. I only used to read the Loose Cannon after being told of him by a certain Motswana friend of mine who has settled here in “Big Brother next door” as the both of you refer to our country, and have been doing religiously so for the past year and now in the past three months, I have started reading your articles as well and have to say there is a striking similarity in your styles, were I your lecturer and was marking your scripts, the two of you would be in my office more than anybody else. Would you care to explain?”
Tebogo Mahloko SA

“I am like many of your fans, one of your biggest fans, I enjoy your articles very much, they are fresh and like the VP you are in the Lime light.”

“Respect brother, Keep Bless and you have a good heart for the country. I am glad that there are writers like you.”
“I like your column and I am a big fan. Thanks for the education I get from you Sir.”
Bobby Mmereki

“I admire your bravery! What you are doing is indeed an indisputable demonstration of patriotism. We have few people who are committed to contributing to the success of their people. Great nations have such people, and they seem to have an innate sense of patriotism. Patriotism does not mean shying away from the truth- be it your weaknesses or mistakes. It means facing who you truly are, and seeking ways to elevate yourself. By the way an old saying goes thus; all that is good for the triumph of evil, Is for the good man to say nothing. So keep fighting for a good course! You have that sentence quite well!”
Banks Ndebele

“You write well…you are brave, which is key especially these days!!”
“I will be waiting for that well written article from
Mr Sonny O. Serite, u are a good writer!”
Mothusi Kemorwale

“I personally thank you for being one of the front liners in this mighty battle to freedom of this country in your way of showing us the readership to look deeper into our souls through your analysis”
Karabo Moilwa

“I want to say I absolutely enjoy & respect your writing. Still enjoy your writing and your stance on Botswana politics even though I now reside out of Botswana…thanks”
Lebogang Mmualefe

“I don’t know you personally but man I will hate myself if I didn’t feel I should be your friend while I look forward to your articles/column every week!”
Lopang Sadimbo

“Good read. I admire you for exercising your right to live and speak freely. May God bless you immensely and continue to be by your side. You are truly the voice of our nation’s conscience…keep well”
Thabo Autlwetse

“Hi, just thought I should drop you this mail as a way to show my support and appreciation of the work you are doing with your S.S column, I must admit it is a good read. Though I’m not by any means political gifted mind, its one of those that makes me feel that the future does look bright.”
Gotsileene Monamodi

“I read your story mo The Telegraph newspaper. What you were saying is the truth and nothing else”

“You write well the brother”
“Do rest assured sir! I am an avid reader of your articles. I enjoy the English language, the humour, the substance, the logic and the occasional sarcasm!”
Alex Ramphaleng

“I must commend YOU for the desire to communicate with your readers and further for your generosity with the truth that you have always displayed in your writings. There are not ten (10) writers who are as generous with the truth as YOU otherwise Batswana could have changed their way of both thinking and modus operandi (the way of doing things). I am highly impressed and hope you keep it up for the future of this country.”
Othata Motlogelwa

“Sonny thank you very much for dropping your email address at the end of your column. I love your articles bro. Much as The Telegraph is a good paper, I must admit I buy it mainly because of your column. You write very well and I am yet to see you write something that I find wrong or unacceptable. Truth is you have a constituency out there dude. You represent our thoughts, ideas, feelings very well. You make us proud. You tell it exactly how I would say, but go a step further by writing it so well. No wonder when you started most people thought it was Sidney Pilane AND Botsalo Ntuane combined.”
Mike Sento

“If they take you to prison for this ( ga se the powers that be ), tell them they must take me too. If you have to be shot, tell them to start at my house so we can be buried together. That will be closest I could be to a hero like you. You are my older bro yet I know very well I am OLDER than you. Keep it up bro!!!”

“I never really missed any of your articles but this one rocks my man…”
Molaodi Dikgang

“Honestly, I┬ádidn’t┬áknow where the long nose sign came from nna kare ke sign ya maaka ka sekgoa!!! Thanks Sonny at least I have learnt something, now I know about the long nose.”
Owen Gaomodimo

“I wish your article was accompanied by your picture so we too can compare your nose and other parts to whomever we choose to. So you are the holder of the truth and nothing else. Ke go tlhoka maitseo le botho go dirisa dikarolo tsa batho ba bangwe. If you have children, which I doubt you have, I wish they don’t get to see the trash that you write because le wena ba tsile go go tlhokela botho, it’s a lesson you are giving to the youngsters that go tlhoka botho go siame in the name of liberalism.”

“Your interventions nourish our will to serve and to stand for what is right. God will bless you.”
Ndaba Gaolathe

“Young, gifted and talented. Of all your contributions today’s is a compelling, moving and priceless masterpiece. I salute your bravery.”
Morgan Moseki

“Just read your article in the Telegraph, very on point, as usual. Many people who don’t get that paper are really missing out.”
Thalefang Charles

“Hey monna you are really hard on these guys.”

“Bravo Sonny for the excellent analysis. You make a difference to media deposits.”
Omphile Rhee

“Hi, I’ve been sent by Rre Temane. He says he would love to meet you one day. He says you must keep the good work up.”
Kethata Selabe

“I’m a big fan of your fearless journalism.”

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