Monday, March 4, 2024

“To early to celebrate DIS boss sacking” ÔÇô Nasha

Former Speaker of Parliament who is also an AP (Alliance for Progressives) Political activist, Margaret Nasha says that Batswana should not be quick to celebrate the sacking of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Director General Isaac Kgosi’s as the head of the country’s intelligence.

She said instead Batswana should demand for the laws that make up the spy organization to be reviewed and amended.

She said in that regard, it is also important that all political parties are duly involved in the process.

Speaking during an AP rally held in Francistown to launch AP council candidate Odireleng Ditshutlo for the upcoming by-election in Gerald Estates Moselewapula Ward at the weekend, she emphasized that Batswana should bear in mind the fact that the problem with DISS is not with Kgosi alone but the Act that governs the security intelligence as a whole.

“You should not celebrate Isaac Kgosi’s removal just yet but we should all demand that the law that governs the DISS be reviewed and be amended. We have long voiced this issue as opposition parties. We are all aware that last month Kgosi was summoned to answer questions regarding the National Petroleum Fund scandal by the Public Accounts Committee but he refused to answer questions. He said he is not even accountable to the President of the country. The DISS Act had turned him into some God. You should take this into cognition. The problem here is not with Isaac Kgosi but it is the act that makes up the DIS organization as a whole that needs an overhaul,” she said.

She warned that if the law is not amended it is possible that whoever succeeds Kgosi would follow suit and abuse the DIS Act as the former DISS boss did.

Last week Kgosi was sacked as head of the spy organization and was replaced by Brigadier Peter Magosi as the new DISS Director General. Meanwhile Kgosi has been linked to the missing P250 million from the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) and has also been marred by other corruption allegations over the years.

Similarly, Nasha also pleaded with Batswana not to also celebrate reports over the recall of Botswana’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom  Roy Blackbeard who has been based in London since 1998.

She said Blackbeard was deployed to the UK when he was 45 years and he is now 65 and all along he has been given preferential treatment by the ruling party

“Since his appointment, Roy Blackbeard enjoyed preferential treatment from the ruling party. Unlike other civil servants he was never transferred. Now he will be coming home to enjoy his old age pension like the rest of us at 65 years of age. You should not be quick to celebrate these things but learn to read between the lines. What made him so special than others,” she said.

Among other issues she accused BDP for being a party that does not believe in democratic principles. She said decisions are made by the President and there is never consultation of members.

“In AP we believe in democratic principles,” she said.

She further pleaded with civil servants not to be fooled by the BDP over salary increase rumors. She said they should bear in mind the fact that BDP has for 20 years failed to make any salary review for civil servants. She said the party is simply doing so to entice them ahead of the 2019 election. 

“You should be careful of the cunning ways of the BDP and you should make sure that you punish it at the coming elections,” she said.

In conclusion she encouraged the AP council candidate to serve his electorates diligently if he wins the upcoming by-election. 

Ditshutlo will battle it out against Gilbert Ketlhoilwe of the BDP and Reuben Ketlhoilwe of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) on the 19th of May 2018. The Bye-Election follows the death of Moselewapula Ward BDP councilor Lechedzani Stix Modenga who succumbed to a long illness early this year.


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