Friday, August 12, 2022

“We have crippled the BDP” – Ntuane

Botswana Movement for Democracy’s Deputy chairman, Botsalo Ntuane, has urged BMD members not to be fazed by the insults and name calling that they are repeatedly subjected to by the ruling Botswana Democratic party.

Those are the signs of frustration, he said.
Speaking at a BMD rally in Gaborone over the weekend, Ntuane said the BDP is aware that they have lost valuable members who used to toil for the party.

“We were the brains and the workaholics who toiled to bring votes for the BDP, and now we have left. They are only insulting us because they are frustrated,” he told thousands of BMD delegates who formed a part of the party’s first ever convention.

Ntuane said the BDP’s current central committee is made up of dysfunctional operatives who were not selected on merit but on allegiance to the A-team.

After the Francistown South star rally, said Ntuane, Khama told the BDP leadership to continue with other rallies and campaigns to reverse the BMD’s gains.

“But they cried like little babies. Our informants inside BDP say the central committee told Khama that they cannot do anything without him as he is the only person who is able to draw multitudes of people to the BDP rallies,” he said.

Ntuane said even the Khama magic is waning, as the BDP continues to lose thousands of members after every star rally that Khama holds.

“We encourage Khama to hold more rallies because everywhere he goes, BDP members leave in droves to join BMD. The examples are there for all. Look what happened in Francistown South and Old Naledi.”

On Thursday last week, BDP structures in Francistown South called a press conference to announce that they had resigned from the BDP to join BMD. The same happened in Naledi after Khama’s star rally. Gaborone Central and Gaborone West South structures have also resigned to join BMD.

On Friday, BDP Executive Secretary Comma Serema told Sunday Standard that they were in Francistown to set up new structures after the resignation of all the party’s office bearers in the constituency.

Ntuane said even while they were publicly claiming that BMD has not dented their stand, BDP operatives were secretly begging BMD members to rejoin the BDP.
“Even before the national council, Satar Dada, the BDP National Treasurer, was begging us to reconcile with the BDP leadership,” said Ntuane.

He likened BDP to a scorned lover who publicly declares that he does not care for his lost girlfriend, but privately grovels and begs her to come back home.


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