Monday, August 15, 2022

‘Alleged alliance with BDP is a damaging lie’

For sometime now, we have read newspaper articles alleging that our Party or some members of the BMD are holding covert meetings with the BDP with a view to forming an alliance of some sort.

These allegations are not only false but damaging because there has never been a time when such an issue surfaced in the National Executive Committee agenda or even the National Working Committee one.

It must be noted that the BMD Congress of 2011 and the National Policy Assembly of 2012 mandated the Executive to pursue the Umbrella Model with other Opposition Parties. In this mandate there was no mention of the BDP as members of the party felt and still feel that the BDP is mismanaging the economy of Botswana, good governance is a thing of the past and civil liberties are also no more.

The level of corruption still bothers the BMD and therefore what we stood for when we left the BDP still stands to-date.

We are quite alive to the reality that some members retraced their steps back to the BDP.

Unfortunately, we are not informed of why they did except that before they left us they displayed similar symptoms.

Their departure was intended to harm the party but unfortunately the harm was minimal as it only affected our image and not our growth. I wish to also indicate that some departed members claimed that they were sponsoring the Party financially but I challenge anyone to approach the incumbent Treasurer General with a view to check how much debt he inherited when he assumed the current position.

While some people feel that the BMD steam is plummeting, it must be noted that the party changed its strategy from focusing on recruiting MPs who proved to be vulnerable to recruiting ordinary members. Ever since the party changed focus, we have managed to admit into our folds thousands of members from different parties and from different corners of Botswana. This month alone the Party has admitted over 1000 BDP members from Tati East, 340 BCP members from Francistown South, 126 BDP members from Dibete and countless members from other constituencies.

We continue to hold massive rallies which are unfortunately not covered by Btv or covered but not aired. This has not discouraged us as a party and it is not about to discourage us. This coming weekend, the BMD descends in Selebi Phikwe for the Inaugural Youth League and having approved the policies of the Party.

On the 24th of June, the Lib Dems from the UK will be holding a capacity building workshop for the Leadership of BMD from all the 57 constituencies for two days. They will hold two more workshops before the end of the year to prepare us for the elections.

I am narrating all this to show that our party is busy at work and not about to be derailed by the talk that we are negotiating with the BDP.

The Party President, MK Motswaledi has been busy attending international meetings for the past five months. He attended The Liberal Network meeting in DRC then he went to London to meet with Batswana in Diaspora and members of the House of Lords.

He just arrived from Lesotho where he stayed for two weeks at the invitation of our friends, the Lesotho Congress.

The party is committed to the Umbrella Project and is happy to be working peacefully and harmoniously with the BNF and the BPP.It is this project that will exonerate Batswana from the abyss of poverty and selflessness.

Wynter Mmolotsi
BMD Secretary General


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