Monday, October 26, 2020

‘BCP demystified Khama magic’ – Gobotswang

The Botswana Congress Party vice president, Kesitegile Gobotswang, yesterday ridiculed the widely perceived Khama magic, which is imagined to perform wonders for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, arguing the BCP, following the recent national elections, had severely destroyed such perception.

Addressing a political rally at Maruapula grounds to thank the voters across the country for their support, Gobotswang maintained Khama magic was a liability which would fade with time.

“Prior to the recent national elections, our beloved party was subjected to all kinds of abuse by our cynics, labeling us a stagnant party best capable of breeding a single parliamentarian. Back then Khama magic ran supreme and was perceived pivotal to turn around the ruling BDP fortunes.

But the election results proved our cynics wrong as our party defied all the odds this time around, performing convincingly well and making inroads into the areas perceived to be BDP strongholds, such the Central District,” said Gobotswang.

“From a paltry thirteen councilors in 1999 to fifty-three in 2004, BCP this time around managed to usurp a convincing number of seventy four councilors across the country. From a single parliamentarian, we managed this time around to turn the tables against our critics obtaining five parliamentary seats and signaling the gradual demise of Khama magic.”

He continued: “With such a convincing and stunning performance one is tempted to ask “where is the Khama magic”?
Turning to the other controversial matter, which prohibits politics at the tertiary institutions and, in particular, at University of Botswana, Gobotswang dismissed the prohibition as poor politicking.

“We will continue with our duties but outside of the premises; we will still engage with these students. We will still meet with them even during their internship courses and, as such, the prohibition will not affect us in anyway,” Gobotswang noted.

At one of the previous parliamentary sessions, the government unexpectedly came up with the law barring active politics at the tertiary institutions, especially at UB – a move speculated to curtail the opposition parties, a majority of whose leaders eke a living there as lecturers.

Together with the BCP secretary general, Taolo Lucas, Gobotswang is a UB lecturer while quite a considerable number of the main opposition Botswana National Front also make a living there.


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