Tuesday, March 5, 2024

‘Botswana’ sets foot on South Pole!

She did it!

Pint-sized Lillian Moremi has done Botswana proud by pinning the Botswana flag on the Antarctic soils and arrived back home in one smiling and glowing piece to a true hero’s welcome at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, following her participation in the annual International Antarctic Expedition.

Alongside International Environmentalist, British Polar Explorer and the first man to walk both the North and South Poles, Robert Swan, and a team of men and women with the same vision and passion regarding nature conservation and leadership development in their respective countries, Moremi spent the past two weeks exploring the coldest part of the world.

Taking pride in the fact that not only was she the first Motswana woman to set foot on the South Pole she was in fact the first Motswana all together to tread those grounds. Despite the excruciatingly cold, below zero temperatures, especially for someone who is from a place where temperatures go as high as 40 degrees, following Lillian’s on line blogs and the writing on her social website twitter page, she seemed to have been having the time of her life.

“Finally arrived in Ushuaia, wow. Loving the cold,” was one of the many jubilant statements she threw at us, followed by a huge smiley face. Draped in layers of clothes specifically designed for the cold, she took on this challenge and spent 14 eventful days exploring destinations not for the faint hearted.

On her departure, Moremi made a vow to come back home and give back to her community the skills, exposure and experiences she garnered during this expedition. It was not all fun and games since she got to go through programs such as, ‘Antarctica Youth Ambassadors Program-Skills sharing’ and also got to witness first hand the gruesome effects of climate change on the South Pole. There were also physical skills she acquired like hiking and roping up mountains and glaciers.

The workshops that Moremi intends to conduct and facilitate across the country for young leaders will immensely benefit from her vast knowledge and experiences.

As she bade farewell to the South Pole and team mates, Moremi explains it as not the end but the beginning as they are all expected to implement all that they have learnt during the voyage.


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