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‘Chilly’ Segona dumps microphone for politics

Under his guidance, a number of artists have short to stardom. He prides himself with unearthing talent in the music and entertainment industry.

Molebeledi Chilly Montsho Segona, who has established his name in the music industry, says he is eyeing political office as an MP for Mmadinare constituency next year.

The likes of Culture Spears, a traditional group composed of members who he shared the stage with in drama and traditional dance in Lethakane Senior Secondary, Shumba Ratshega, Dr Vom, Q-system, Sebabatsane, theatre groups, the list is endless, have benefited from his talent as a producer. He rekindles the journey in the arts as a gift that he wanted to share with others.

“I envy to help someone and see that person growing,” said Segona. His effort has been appreciated in the country as artists under his belt short to stardom, showcasing tantalizing talent that lives audience in awe.

At 30, he is one of the graduates who never walked all over the streets looking for a job. He tapped on music and entertainment industry when the opportunity arose.

Armed with a Diploma in Speech and Drama, Diploma in Human Rights Law and BSC in Electronic and Computer Science, his passion in the arts industry propelled into a true dream that he wanted to achieve.

He says that all his studies were meant to enhance his knowledge as he prepared to cut his teeth in the art industry.

“These were elements that I needed in my endeavour to enter the entertainment industry. I never opted to take any career in electronics. I wanted to incorporate all what I had learned in the arts,” added Segona.

It was in 1998 that he decided to move to his home village of Sefhophe where he uprooted and planted the talents among the youth.

Segona went on to establish a Sefhophe Practitioners of Theatre (SPT) – an assortment of group artists, such as drama, traditional dance, choirs and ballroom dance.

His footprints can be traced from afar in areas such as Kasane and villages such as Kgagodi, Mogapi, Ratholo and Phikwe where they are groups under the auspices of SPT.

He commends his love for arts in establishing what he termed a foundation, referring to SPT.

“I wanted others to benefit from what I leant through different projects. That is where I found my ambition and my leadership when I managed over 200 youths,” added Chilly.

He indicated that SPT was not focusing on arts only as they were many challenges that the villagers faced. He started a Mmadikhutsana Project, which identified orphaned children whose needs he provided.

“I built a two-roomed house and connected electricity for one of the orphaned family children who were not fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads. I even looked for someone to take care of them. Luckily, I was fortunate to find a businessman in Selebe-Phikwe, by the name of Chartley Kefeme, who owns a company called Chartley Group who volunteered to take care of their medical expenses, school fees and groceries.

“They are living a good life now,” he said.

Chilly indicated that he also provided other orphaned children with groceries. Another of his projects is dubbed African Virgins Programme under SPT.

He states that the African Virgins was meant to encourage the youth in primary schools to abstain to curb new HIV/AIDs infections.

Segona is happy that through the project, he was able to build a centre for the youth, more especially at primary schools to channel their energy into arts, drama and traditional dance.

It was in 2005 that he realised that his effort was bearing fruit when SPT scooped an award at the Botswana National Youth Service awards.

The award was followed by others that were won by groups under SPT. He also explained that it was the same year that he opened a record company, known as Afro Heavens. The recording company worked with different artists such as Culture Spears, Sebabatsane, Shumba Ratshega, other musicians and Dr Vom, who was already established.

Segona explained that he is ready for political office.

“It’s a calling and I think I can represent people very well. I have learnt a lot and honed my leadership skills all the years when I was working with communities from different villages in Mmadinare. I used to love politics but I later dumped politics for a cause that was aimed at uplifting people’s lives,” added Segona.

He stated that he has been close to the Vice President who is Mmadinare’s sitting MP.

Segona said that the VP’s family helped him a lot in many things that he aspired to do but they have never recruited in politics. He also stated that he declined when approached to contest for a councillor’s seat in Sefhope because he was into business.


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