Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Failure to recognize workers retards Botswana’s competitive edge’

Employers’ failure to recognize workers in different organizations is one of the contributing factors to Botswana’s deteriorating competitiveness in the world rankings.

According to global rankings, Botswana currently sits at position 80 out of 142 countries in terms of competitiveness.

During a workshop held by the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) in Francistown recently, it emerged during discussions that in most organizations in the country, employers do not seem to recognize their workforce which then leads to low morale and low performance by the employees.

One of the participants, Dr Habaudi Hubona, of Polani Clinic in Francistown, said that due to the fact that people are not recognized in their workplaces, they become unhappy and this leads to low production.

“Productivity in many organizations in Botswana is low simply because you will find that people are not happy,” she said.

Another participant, the General Manager of Botswana Ash, Montwedi Mphathi, said that recognition of employees by management in any organization is of utmost importance.

He added that every employee in any organization should be treated with equality and respect, adding that although most of the managers attend workshops and courses to upgrade their skills on leadership, they do not implement what they learn from those workshops.

However, the Executive Director of BNPC, Baeti Molake, said that while he admits that some employers disregard employees, the burning issue is that there seems to be barriers between top management and middle management, especially in terms of communication.

He said that most the time, middle management does not truly reflect the needs of the lower employees to the top management, which also affects productivity.

The objective of the workshop by BNPC was to share with stakeholders the state of productivity in the country, to inform them on Botswana’s rankings in terms of competitiveness and to discuss on how the country can improve in productivity.


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