Monday, April 12, 2021

‘Go buy a sex worker; leave my woman alone’

A 26-year-old Security Guard this Friday left the Urban Customary Court in tears after he was sentenced to five lashes and one year in jail for common nuisance.

David Thobukwe, who is from Ramagapane Ward in Kopong, pleaded guilty to the charges after he was arrested by the Central Police for insulting Otlaadisa Oabile, who works at Botswana Post.

According to the state prosecutor from the Central Police Station, Constable Keorapetse, Oabile called his girlfriend, who is the mother of his child, and Thobukwe answered the phone.

Oabile told the court that Thobukwe said he did not know anything about a child and disparaged him by saying a person like him with a lot of money should go and buy a sex worker for himself instead of bothering the woman who was now his (Thobukwe’s) girlfriend.

Kgosi Monametsi told the court that Thobukwe did not have the right to insult Oabile because he was not looking for him. He said Thobukwe should not even have answered the phone because it was not even his.

He sentenced him to one year in jail, wholly suspended for three years, plus five strokes on the bum.


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